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Jet Dragster

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The Miller Jet Dragster was built as a vehicle for engaging the racing community. It complements our motorsports program with the mission to educate and promote welding at all levels of competition. Our partnerships with talented, recognized teams such as Larsen Motorsports supports this goal, and inspires fabricators with the knowledge and tools to succeed, both on the track and off. 

Build Highlights

The Miller Jet Dragster was custom designed by Larsen Motorsports and fabricated by Worthy Motorsports, Palmetto, Fla. in Feb. 2009. Using Miller Syncrowave® 180 and 250 TIG machines, every component was fabricated to strict engineering standards in order for the vehicle to endure the extreme G-forces applied during acceleration and deceleration. 

Dragster Facts

length: 27 Ft.
Wheelbase: 264 in.
Height: 37 in.
Ground Clearence: 31/2 in.
Width: 48 in.
Frame: Normalized 4130 chrome-moly steel, 250 lbs. bare weight
Body Covering: 040-in., 5052 aluminum
Nose: Kevlar/Carbon Fiber mix
Windshield: Lexan
Dry Weight: 1,145 lbs.

Propulsion Data
Engine Type: General Electric Model J-85, weighs 350 lbs., 2,500 HP
Afterburner: LMS custom design, built from 316L stainless steel, adds 2,500 HP
Thrust: 4,500 lbs.
Horsepower: 5,000 HP combined
Warm-up Time: 15 seconds to 1 minute
Cool-down Time: 30-40 minutes

Tires & Wheels
Designated Design and Sizes
Front: Goodyear Top Fuel dragster design
Size: 22-in. tall x 4-in. wide
Rear: Custom built by Goodyear for land speed record racing, 28-in. tall x 10-in. wide, radial design with a Kevlar safety belt
Tread Design: Slick
Inflation Pressures:
Front: 30 lbs.
Rear: 30 lbs.
Construction of the tires has been tested at speeds up to 350 mph.

Other Equipment
Brakes: Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes
Parachutes: Two custom racing parachutes and one auxiliary chute

Fast Facts

2008 Corvette
Horsepower 430 HP
Acceleration 0-60 mph 4.6 Seconds
Acceleration G's 1.05 G's
Quarter Mile E.T. 13 seconds
Top Speed 188 mph
Engine LS3 6.2 tdter V-8
Weight 3,300 lbs.
Cornering 1 lateral G

Miller Jet Dragster
Horsepower 5,000 HP
Acceleration 0-60 mph < 1 Second
Acceleration G's 5.3 G's
Quarter Mile E.T. 5 seconds
Top Speed Approaching 300 mph
Engine General Electric Model J-85
Weight 1,145 lbs.
Cornering Dont even think about it!

Utilizes Environmentally Friendly Biofuel

The Miller Jet Dragster is part of a green fuel technology research project in which Larsen Motorsports participates. Running different blends of biomass-based fuels, we hope to openly share the technology and its powerful results with the rest of the automotive and aerospace communities. The goal is the learn and develop cleaner fuels while maintaining the performance output.

Miller’s Jet Dragster uses biofuel, which is partially refines from algae, corn and soybeans. The formula is a biofuel, Jet-A blend for optimum performance. Cost per gallon is approximately $3 to $5.

Early testing indicates the power output is as good or better running this fuel mixture over the standard fuel for which the engine was originally designed.

Matrix System Automotive Finishes

Matrix System Automotive Finishes LLC is the largest independent manufacturer and distributor of automotive refinish paint products in the country.

The Miller Jet Dragster was painted with Matrix System’s Aqualution™, a new high performance waterborne basecoat system. Designed to utilize today’s proven OEM technologies, Aqualution combines 66 specialized toners and pearls to provide outstanding color match and exceptional performance in an environmentally friendly package that meets future VOC requirements.