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It's not a destination. Sustainability is an ongoing journey that we take together. At Miller, we support every step — no matter the size — that our company, employees and customers take toward a more sustainable world. Every Step Makes a Difference.
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Energy for Tomorrow Program

In partnership with our local utility company, We Energies, Miller is working toward the goal of increasing renewable energy to 39% of We Energies’ power mix by 2030. In our collaboration, Miller is making significant investments to ensure that more electric power comes from renewable sources — which means less reliance on nonrenewable sources that produce greenhouse gas emissions, like coal.
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Sustainable Lighting

Our investment in LED lighting at Miller facilities has reduced annual electricity consumption by 286,722 kilowatt hours. This sustainable lighting initiative is equal to saving 323,995 pounds of coal, 22,937 gallons of petroleum or 2,130,344 cubic feet of natural gas.
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Oil Recovery System

In this manufacturing sustainability initiative, Miller developed a new system to capture and reuse oil in our operations, saving 11,000 gallons annually. That’s the same amount of oil carried by one tanker truck.
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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Intensity Reduction

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC is committed to supporting our parent company, Illinois Tool Works, in our shared goal of GHG emission reduction (intensity is the volume of emissions per unit of GDP). Together, we’ve achieved a 37% GHG emissions intensity reduction through the year 2021 when compared with emissions in 2017. This reduction is a result of decreased energy consumption and increased use of renewable energy.
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