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OptX™ 2kW Handheld Laser Welder

It’s Time to Change the Welding Game

The new Miller® OptX™ 2kW handheld laser welder shines a bright light on how to take your shop’s productivity to the next level.

Designed for ease of use, the OptX significantly reduces the welding learning curve, so even novice welders are able to quickly get projects done as if they've been striking arcs for years. With this laser, the proof is in the productivity.

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Product Details

Miller OptX

Increase Productivity With Handheld Lasers

Harnessing the power of light, the OptX is so easy to learn and use. Anyone in the shop can weld like someone who's been doing it for years, which means more gets done. 




Bringing the Power of Laser to Light

Say hello to unprecedented precision and productivity in your shop. The OptX is here to revolutionize your welding experience, offering unmatched versatility and efficiency. Powered by the unbeatable pairing of Miller + IPG, this is your chance to elevate your craft and maximize productivity like never before.

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Product Details

Miller OptX

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Even Novices Weld Like Experts

With almost no learning curve, anyone can become a great welder.

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3-Year Warranty

Peace of mind backed by our national service network.

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Limited Pre/Post-weld Processing

Keeps welders welding instead of cleaning and grinding.

Induction Heating comparison example heat distribution before
Induction Heating comparison example heat distribution after

When It Comes to Processing Time, There’s Really No Comparison

Because pre/post work is dramatically reduced, welders are able to focus on welding instead of other tasks.

  • 3 cleaning nozzles to fit all of your cleaning needs — and adjustable scan width allows the cleaning area to be precisely defined
  • Less grinding before and after welds, keeping welders more productive
  • Stainless steel color removal and passivation



Safety and Setup

Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility

Game-changing technology calls for enhanced safety protocols. Learn about the safety and setup needed to take your shop to the next level of productivity.

Safety Requirements and Activation Process



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How Laser Can Solve Your Workforce Challenges

The many benefits of the OptX make for big gains in productivity.

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Induction Heating comparison example heat distribution before
Induction Heating comparison example heat distribution before