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OptX™ 2kW, 240V Complete Package

The Miller OptX™ 2kW handheld laser welder shines a light on how to take your shops' performance to the next level by dramatically boosting productivity with ability to weld up to 5/16 thickness, this machine is ideal for sheet metal applications.


What's Included

  • OptX™ 2kW Handheld Laser Welder
  • OptX™ Wire Feeder
  • OptX™ Laser Torch
  • OptX™ Hardware Kit (301801) Consisting of: work-sense clamp, smith regulator (30-150-580), 5-foot (1.5m) gas hose, .045 V-groove 4-roll drive roll kit, .047 U-groove 4-roll drive roll kit, and trigger cable)
  • OptX™ Accessory Kit (301828) Consisting of: (OptX carbon fiber laser welding helmet, OptX standard laser safety glasses, OptX torch cradle, OptX torch cover, welding nozzles (set of 5), cleaning nozzles (set of 3), protective windows with O-rings (5-pack of each), 10-foot (3 m) Cat 6 ethernet cable, contact tips, and additional components and tools.
Easy to Set Up and Use
Simple interface with pre-built parameters for welding and cleaning applications, provide reliable results for different material types and thicknesses.
Custom Miller Programs
Spot, autogenous and wire welding, along with a cleaning function provide high-quality, consistent results.
Highly Productive
High speed welding that is up to four times faster than TIG, with simple material preparation and minimal post-finishing.
Reduced Training Time
Nearly eliminate the need for pre- and post-weld processing where tight part fit-up is available.
Industrial Miller OptX™ Wire Feeder
The OptX 2kW wire feeder is designed and manufactured specifically for the handheld laser application, providing consistent results in an industrial setting.


General Specifications

Title OptX™ 2kW, 240V Complete Package
Industries Interests Aerospace
Portability Running Gear / Cart (Optional)
Laser Input Power 240V
Laser Input Phase 1-Phase
Laser Output Power 2000 W
Laser Wavelength 1070 nm
Torch Length 30 ft
Feed Conduit Length 10 ft
Wire Feed Speed 5 - 80 IPM
Wire Feed Input Power 120V
Wire Diameter Aluminum 0.035 in. - 0.047 in.
Solid Steel 0.035 in. - 0.045 in.
Net Width 40 in
Net Height 45 in
Net Length 20 in
Net Weight 255 lbs