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Farm and Ranch

Working to keep your farm or ranch in good repair? Get practical welding ideas here.

Image of a man using the air compressor on a Miller Bobcat 200 AirPak. Farms and Ranches Need Versatile Solutions. Get help choosing the right welder/generator product.
Product image of the Bobcat™ 200 Air Pak™. Compressed air, generator power, stick welding and more.
Now Available: Multimatic 220 AC/DC. Learn More.

Hardworking Solutions That Get Jobs Done Right 

When there’s a job on your farm or ranch, you want it done right. Whether it’s metal repair or power generating, you don’t have time for unreliable equipment; it needs to work. Count on Miller for versatile, dependable products in the field or in the shop. Together with farmers and ranchers, we study real-life challenges and develop solutions that work hard to keep your operation running smoothly — just like you do.

Farm and Ranch Knowledge Center

Bobcat™ 250 Welder/Generator: Tried. True. Tough.

The Bobcat 250 welder/generator is made to last — and is as hardworking as you are. See what people have to say about it.

TIG Welding Punisher Trailer Hitch Cover with Miller Syncrowave 210

Josh Welton of Brown Dog Welding creates a trailer hitch cover. Watch as he uses the Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™ to cut out the design and then TIG welds it together.

How to Change Nozzle, Tip, Diffuser, and Liner with Set Screw for MDX™ MIG Guns

Follow some simple step-by-step instructions to change AccuLock™ consumables on MDX™ MIG guns and gain an optimal wire feeding path.

Miller Multimatic 215 MIG (GMAW) Welding Aluminum Setup

Watch for step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Miller® Multimatic™ 215 for MIG (GMAW) welding aluminum.

How to Reinstall a Trimmed Liner for MDX™ MIG Guns with Set Screw Power Pin Cap

When the power pin cap is removed from a MDX™ MIG gun, the liner can retract and appear too short to lock into place. Learn how to reinstall the liner.

Miller Fusion 160 Portable Welder/Generator

Stay productive with the Miller® Fusion 160 welder/generator. Portable. Stable stick arc. Adaptable. The Fusion 160 is ready, willing and able to work for you.