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Manufacturing Knowledge Center

New Preheating Technology for Rolled Pipe in Fabrication Shops

The majority of pipe welds completed in fabrication shops are rolled, and it's easy to understand why. Rotating pipe while welding provides many benefits, including ease of achieving quality welds by eliminating out-of-position welding; reduced welding operator fatigue; and improved productivity from higher wire feed speeds and increased deposition rates.
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When Preheating Before Welding, How to Choose the Right Equipment

Air-cooled cables, a new heating tool for induction, deliver flexibility and efficiency for welding preheat.
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First Time Welding Automation User Gains Productivity and Quality Benefits

Kenosha Metal Products, a metal stamping company new to welding automation, added three new jobs, increased productivity and improved weld quality by adding Miller PerformArc™ pre-engineered robotic welding cells to its facility.
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Tips for Starting a Mobile Welding Business and Tackling Common Challenges

From finding customers to managing time, get tips from field fabrication professionals about starting a mobile welding business.
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Truck Equipment Manufacturer Improves Employee Comfort and Performance with Powered Air Purifying Respirators

A change to Miller® Powered Air Purifying Respirators helped increase comfort and productivity for Reading Truck Body employees.
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OpenBook™ FREE Learning Management System for Distance Learning

Learn how one welding instructor is using OpenBook™, a free online learning management system, to help plan, teach, assess and get his students certified, even during distance learning.
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A Love of Racing Leads Jessica Johnston to Welding

Johnston isn’t fazed by being a woman in two male-dominated worlds: racing and welding. She plans to continue chasing her passions and doing what she loves. “You have to prove yourself — everybody wants to make sure that you know what you’re talking about,” Johnston says. “But I’m not going anywhere. It’s so much of a passion that nothing will deter me. Once you’re in the industry and people take...
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Enbridge Maintains Safety While Improving Welding Productivity 40 Percent with Process Switch

Enbridge has switched from traditional stick welding to advanced wire processes to improve productivity
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Welding Instructor Teams Up with Local Industry to Train Tomorrow's Welders

Partnering with local manufacturer, Henderson Products, Inc., Iowa welding instructor Seth Harms helps his high school and college students build the skills necessary for real-world applications.
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Kiewit Looks for New Technologies to Build Welding Workforce

Kiewit, one of the largest construction and engineering companies in North America, tested the AugmentedArc® augmented reality system with its field supervisors as an training option to help recruit new welding operators.
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For Aerospace Welding Training, Pro-Weld Services Relies on Versatile Dynasty® TIG Welders

Dynasty TIG welders deliver quality and easy setup to help Robert Trudelle prepare his students for careers in aerospace welding.
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Bridging the Gap Between In-Person and Virtual Learning

Learn how one high school welding instructor bridges the gap between in-person and virtual learning with OpenBook™, a free learning management software that provides an easy tool to teach welding concepts and techniques that are specifically aligned with the American Welding Society (AWS) SENSE standards.
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Fully-Integrated MIG Welding System from Miller, Hobart and Bernard Meets Production Demands for ITEC Manufacturing, USA

When ITEC Manufacturing was approached to mass-produce rigmats for the Canadian oil drilling industry, the company addressed an immediate need to update its welding fleet. With new equipment from Miller Electric Mfg. Co., and consumables from Hobart Brothers and Bernard, ITEC was quickly producing 96 rigmats per day.
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Team Industries Stays on the Cutting Edge with Miller Equipment to Go Above and Beyond for Customers

Team Industries, a leader in pipe fabrication, relies on the latest innovations in pipe welding equipment from Miller for productivity gains and improved welder training. With three locations in Wisconsin and Texas, the fabrication company uses the Miller® PipeWorx 400 welding system in conjunction with the Insight™ Pipe and Vessel welding intelligence solution and the ProHeat™ 35 induction heatin...
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PipeWorx 400 Welding System Improves Manufacturer’s Productivity 50 Percent

A switch to Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD®) helped Sigma Thermal increase productivity while maintaining high weld quality.
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Exterran Production Grows 24% with Miller PipeWorx Welding System

In addition to greatly increased production volume, Houston gas compressor fabrication facility reduces defect rates with PipeWorx and RMD® welding process
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Pipe Contractor Eliminates Back Purge on Stainless Steel Pipe Welds

A welding process change allowed Dixie Mechanical to eliminate back purging and double the number of welds completed every day.
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Boilermakers Local 92 Changes Training Processes to Meet Labor Demand

Boilermakers Local 92 in Bloomington, California, is experiencing significant growth in labor demand, caused in part by a recently enacted state law that impacts refinery jobs.
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Turning Service Truck off Turns on Savings

Heavy equipment service mechanic switched to an EnPak® all-in-one solution to reduce fuel usage, engine idle hours and more.
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Equipment Dealer Service Department Reduces Mechanic's Truck Engine Hours, Idle Time & Fuel Use

EnPak's 40 CFM air compressor provides continuous air, even when running a one-inch impact wrench, compared to PTO-driven air compressors that require field technicians to wait for air to build up. Field service technicians are trained from Day 1 to leave their truck's engine running in order to power the PTO, thereby powering all hydraulic and pneumatic tools needed in field repair. This adds...
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Skyline Steel Streamlines Architectural Steel Beam Fabrication, Increases Productivity

Instead of using a semi-automatic flux cored processes (which created weld defects), Skyline Steel succeeded by switching to an automated metal cored process that achieved a deposition rate of 18 lbs/hr and zero defects. Skyline also improved semi-automatic fabrication productivity—and enhanced worker safety—by 40 percent through reduced material handling, new equipment and shop floor re-organizat...
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Oregon Emergency Vehicle Custom Shop Relies on Miller to be Modern and Versatile

H&W Pacific Emergency Vehicle Group was operating older transformer-style welders and knew it needed to modernize. A thorough examination of the welding equipment market led the company to the Invision 352 MPa Plus MIGRunner™ Dual Wire Feeder Package from Miller to serve the future of the company.
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Affordable ArcStation™ Welding Workbench Simplifies Fabrication, Eliminates Shortcomings of "Make-Do" Welding Surfaces

DIY welders and small fabricators hesitate buying welding tables because they believe they can build one at a lower cost. But time constraints often force them to weld on make-do surfaces. They sacrifice comfort, work harder to achieve quality and ultimately lose precious time. Here's the story of two welders who have changed their outlook after experiencing a purpose-built welding workbench.
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At Pure Vision, the cars and people are anything but ordinary

Located in Simi Valley, Calif., has become a world-renowned street machine fabrication shop. Pure Vision cars have a very signature concept and build style that can be described as simple, straightforward and well-detailed. People just seem to know when it’s a Pure Vision original.
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Miller, Gateway Classic Mustang Tribute Car Rakes in $90K for Darrell Gwynn Foundation at Barrett-Jackson Auction

Tribute Build Rakes in $90K at Barrett-Jackson Auction to Benefit Darrell Gwynn Foundation: Builder Gateway Classic Mustang and Miller Support Foundation's Mission to End Paralysis. Located 75 miles southwest of St. Louis, Gateway Classic Mustang is a leading builder of classic Mustangs and does everything in-house except for building engines and transmissions. Gateway Classic Mustang even develop...
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World-Renowned Artist Chooses Glass, Steel and Welding and Cutting Equipment From Miller to Create Large Scale Sculptures, Part 1 of 3

When does metal collide with art? In the case of STRETCH, a world-renowned artist, metalworker and sculptor living in Kansas City, the collision involves a unique set of circumstances—very unique. He looks at surrounding architecture and uses the same surrounding natural materials so that his pieces flow with the environment.
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SkillsUSA Paves the Way for a Bright Future in Welding

This year at the SkillsUSA Championships, more than 5,600 students, all state competition winners, competed in a variety of trade, technical and leadership fields. The Welding and Welding Fabrication Contests, as well as the Welding Art Sculpture Demonstration, are great demonstrations of skill and leadership. They also indicate a student's determination to succeed in a welding-related career.
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Excellent Multiprocess Performance of Dimension NT 450 Saves Boilermaker $15,000-$20,000 per Year

Cleaver-Brooks suffered endless hours of frustration with its MIG welding system when it failed to produce continuous tack welds without excessive spatter or burn back. By switching to Miller's Dimension NT 450, the company eliminated those problems and increased productivity through reduced downtime.
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Iowa-Based Manufacturer Sees Safety and Productivity Benefits with Miller Fume Extraction Technology

Among the guiding philosophies at Vermeer is the belief that the company's employees are its most important resource, helping to deliver on the commitment to improve productivity and profitability for its customers with equipment that meets their needs.
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USA Energy Fabrication Thrives with PipeWorx Welding System and RMD® Root Pass

In just three years, USA Energy Fabrication has grown from a two-man welding operation to a multi-million dollar a year pipe fabrication shop. Founders Steve Smith and Nathan Bushey launched the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based business because they saw growth potential in the market. The two started out with some structural welding work and a few pipe pieces, working the first several months with one weld...
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Smart Welding Equipment Choice Lets Fabricator Go Mobile

By thinking small, at least when it comes to mobile welding equipment, a talented metal fabricator can provide complete welding services from his 20-ft. trailer. With an 8VS wirefeeder, Spectrum 875 and 625 X-TREME plasma cutters, Dynasty 200 Stick/TIG welder and Passport Plus MIG welder all powered by a Trailblazer.
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Jimmy Shine Builds on Southern California Hot Rod Tradition

Jimmy Shine is a talented fabricator and hot rodder who relies on Miller equipment to get the job done.
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Darwin Motorcycles: Creating one-of-a-kind custom production bikes while supporting a cause

Oklahoma City based Darwin Motorcycles uses the highest quality components and teams up with respected industry partners to build the world famous Brass Balls Bobbers and Choppers. This is not the bike your neighbor or buddies have.
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Apex Steel Saves up to Two Hours Per Welder Every Day With Remote Control Technology

Structural steel contractor improves productivity and jobsite safety with Miller® ArcReach® technology.
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Chandler Equipment Gains Unexpected Benefits from Fume Extractors, Years After Installation

Arkansas-based Chandler Equipment continues to reduce maintenance time and costs with its FILTAIR® centralized fume extractions systems from Miller. Two and a half years have passed since investing in the systems and the company still hasn't needed to change the filters — plus they continue to experience significant fume reduction. 
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Learn How Tulsa Welding School and Blinn College Train New Welders

Take a look inside two different welder training models at Tulsa and Blinn and how they use Miller® welding equipment.
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Marine Hardware Manufacturer Reduces Welding Rework on Anodized Aluminum

G.G. Schmitt & Sons saves time and money with Dynasty® 400 TIG welders, cutting hours of rework on some parts.
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Contractor Can Switch Welding Polarity With the Push of a Button

Boiler repair involves strict timelines and high weld quality. Learn how technology keeps NAES Power Contractors on schedule.
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"Gold Rush" Crews Tackle High-Stakes Mining With Miller® Equipment

For the Beets and Schnabel crews on Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush,” mining can be a 24/7 operation — with millions on the line.
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"Gold Rush" Mining Crews Save Time With Miller® ArcReach® Welding Technology

The Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel mining crews make equipment repairs every day. ArcReach technology helps minimize wasted time.
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Walk the Line

New technology reduces the steps welders have to take at the United States’ largest private real estate development.
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A Family Bonded by Welding

Mike Fontes began teaching his daughter Kory Fontes to weld when she was about 10 years old. The family was raising lambs and needed to build a pen. Now the father-daughter duo work side by side teaching the next generation of welders as instructors at Cuesta College, which has a main campus in San Luis Obispo, California, and satellite branches in Paso Robles and Arroyo Grande.
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Shinn Mechanical Uses PipeWorx™ Welding System To Increase Pipe Fabrication Quality and Productivity

The advanced MIG welding outputs of Miller's PipeWorx™ Welding System — RMD™ and Pro-Pulse™—enables Shinn to make code-quality root, fill and cap welds while completing them three to four times faster than TIG or Stick welding. Other benefits include: "Two second" process changeover — just with the touch of a button — helps achieve 200 weld inches per day per operator objective, multiprocess capa...
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Seizing the Opportunity: One Woman's Mission to Enter into a Welding Career

Don't bother showing any "male-dominated" numbers to recent Arizona Western College (AWC) Institute of Welding Technology graduate Trisha Haswood. Rosie the Riveter is her inspiration (see photo), she's a native of the Navajo tribe, and her passion today is welding.
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Miller's ProHeat™ 35 Induction Heating System Improves Preheat Time and Quality, Improves Productivity for Mechanical Contractor

Through induction heating Topp's Mechanical has found a solution that meets and exceeds the quality standards of its heat treatment applications while also providing strong operational benefits, including faster time-to-temperature, consistent heating throughout the entire part, easier to apply/wrap heat, greater reliability and lower consumable costs, more efficient use of labor, and improved...
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Las Vegas Ironworker Locals 416/433 is First Local to Implement Diversified Welding Training Program

As more jobs in Las Vegas include such exotic work as stainless steel hand railings and statues in malls and hotels, Ironworkers are seeking to expand their skills to qualify for this skilled work. To help, union facilities have diversified their offerings to Local members in an effort to train them. Now, when contractors come to the hall looking for help on a particular project, they can man the...
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Trailblazer® 302 and Bobcat 250 Welding Generators Power Polyethylene Pipe Fusion Machine for M.T. Deason

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s Trailblazer® 302 and Bobcat 250 welding generators power polyethylene pipe fusion machine for utility products specialist M.T. Deason; provides enough power to run power tools and provides excellent Stick welding arc qualities for welding steel pipe.
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Walk in a Technician’s Shoes — Switching to the EnPak® All-In-One

A Brandeis Machinery & Supply field service technician shares his experience transitioning to the Miller® EnPak all-in-one system.
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Heavy Equipment Dealer Reduces Truck Engine Idle Time With Work Truck Solution

Service truck fleet decreases fuel use and maintenance, saves truck space, and reduces costs with EnPak® all-in-one.
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Aerospace Fabricator Reduces Power Draw, Improves Weld Performance with New Fleet of AC/DC TIG Welding Inverters

Ace Clearwater Enterprises, specialists in complex formed and welded assemblies for the aerospace and power generation industries, improved energy efficiency and weld performance by replacing a fleet of 23 transformer-based TIG welders with brand new AC/DC TIG inverters.
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Georgia Machine Shop Triples Deposition Rate with Submerged Arc System and Metal-Cored Wire

Seeking greater productivity and efficiency, especially on larger weld build-up jobs that could take days or even weeks to complete, Capital City Machine Shop knew it needed a new submerged arc welding (SAW) solution. Capital City’s investment in two SubArc AC/DC 1000 Digital welding power sources, coupled with a switch to Hobart® metal-cored wire, resulted in productivity increases of 240 percent...
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Submerged Arc Welding Gantry System Makes Crane Fabrication 4 to 5 Times Faster

An automated gantry system with submerged arc welding saves up to 15 hours on each overhead crane build for WF Steel & Crane.
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New Advanced Aluminum Welding System Spurs Production on Bollinger Shipyard's U.S. Coast Guard Fast Response Cutter (FRC) Contract

Before any of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Fast Response Cutter (FRC) patrol boats hit open water, they begin their journey up 60 miles of waterway through Bayou Lafourche in Lockport, La. That’s where Bollinger Shipyards builds the Coast Guard’s newest vessel for conducting search and rescue, drug and illegal immigrant interdiction, homeland security and mainland defense.
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Fan Manufacturer Standardizes on Pulsed MIG Welding for Aluminum

Pulsed MIG improves productivity, reduces reject rates and provides Greenheck with welding versatility not possible with older technology.
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Heavy Structural Welding Simplified with Low-Speed Diesel Welder/Generators, Low-Hydrogen Flux-Cored Wire and New Wire Feeding Technology

Jolson Welding deals in heavy steel. The company specializes in structural welding for bridge and highway work in one of the most seismically sensitive areas in the world: Northern California. Working with the state department of transportation and local contractors, Bob Jolson (owner, operator, welder) and his team have established welding processes that meet strict code requirements (CalTrans,...
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Phoenix Mechanical Contractor Cuts Pipe Welding Time in Half, Eliminates Rework

In re-examining its pipe welding operations, Bel-Aire Mechanical examined the work flow through the shop and put away its Stick and standard MIG welders in favor of a new modified short circuit process for the root passes and an advanced pulsed MIG process, for the fill and cap passes. In so doing, the company has doubled production and eliminated rework.
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Pulsed MIG Welding Increases Productivity, Reduces Distortion and Cleanup for Specialty Sports Equipment Fabricator

Transition from spool gun to all-in-one MIG system with synergic Pulsed MIG capabilities increases travel speeds, reduces birdsnesting, spatter, time associated with switching out spools and provides greater accessibility to tight spots.
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Coastal Steel Lowers Overhead, Clutter and Cost With Combination Welder-Generator-Air Compressor

Structural steel contractor Coastal Steel Inc. does away with stand-alone machines and reduces fuel use, clutter and hassle with the Trailblazer 302 Air Pak combination welder/generator/air compressor.
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Mechanical Contractor Diversifies and Redefines Business to Meet the Demand of the Mid-Atlantic Steel, Oil and Gas Industries

Diversification and demand are two key drivers to the success of any business, and DE-CAL, Inc. has plenty of both. The Warren, Michigan-based company has worked since 1992 to establish itself as one of the premier mechanical contractors in the Mid-Atlantic states. With additional locations in Youngstown, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, DE-CAL finds itself in the heart of steel country, as well...
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Inverter Technology Helps Alberta Technical Institutions Tackle Welder Shortage

Alberta's top technical institutions – NAIT and SAIT – rely on new inverter and wire feeder technology from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. to accommodate an increase in students and to pump skilled labor into a hungry labor market in the province.
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Local 597 Opens New Pipe Fitter Training Facility, Outfits 100 Welding Booths With Stick/TIG Welders From Miller

In an era where the media reports weekly about the financial struggles of working-class Americans, UA Local 597 is doing something positive. This Pipe Fitters Union recently opened its 198,000 square-ft., state-of-the-art Pipe Fitter Training Center in Mokena, Ill. To train apprentices and journeymen on the same type of equipment encountered on a job site, Local 597 outfitted all of its 100 weldin...
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Hitting Pay Dirt with Discoverys Gold Rush Mining Crew

On a remote claim in the hills of the Klondike region of Canada’s Yukon Territory, Parker Schnabel and his crew are on a quest to mine 2,000 ounces of gold in one season.
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Versatile Work Truck Fleet Helps Freshour Precision Meet Customer Needs

A work truck needs the right tools to tackle any repair or emergency. For Freshour Precision, Miller welder/generators are key.
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AFT Customs, Miller Provide Unique Opportunities That Enable Women to Pursue Their Passions — for Bikes and Welding

AFT Customs Modeling Agency, AFT Customs, Miller, Miller Welding, Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Diversion 180, Millermatic 140, Spectrum 375 X-TREME, MIG, TIG, plasma, Power Sports, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Jim Giuffra, Lowla, ER HED, Kemosabe
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Custom Fabricator Taps Miller's Auto-Line Technology, Keeps Business Brewing

Pro Engineering fabricators rely on the flexibility of the XMT 350 CC/CV multiprocess inverter with Auto-Line from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. to deliver quality, custom fabrication solutions to their customers.
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UA's Veterans in Piping Program Trains Returning Veterans

Despite high-level training, military experience often doesn't translate into highly skilled civilian jobs for veterans. They frequently find themselves stuck in dead-end work. Others re-enlist just to make ends meet. Even more can't find work. As a solution these problems, the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry (UA) launched its first ever...
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Millermatic® 350P Pulsed MIG Power Source Increases Productivity, Reduces Burn-through on Aluminum Trailer Components

Alum-Line, Inc. needed a new welding source to keep up with the rapid expansion of its aluminum trailer business in Cresco, Iowa. Miller's Millermatic® 350P pulsed MIG power source increased the company's productivity and eliminated many of the process deficiencies caused by conventional MIG and TIG technologies.
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International Effort (and Maxstar 200) Brings Unique Staircase to Oceanfront High Rise

Elite Deco Design and All-State Engineering relies on Maxstar 200 inverter to construct impressive stainless steel staircase in Miami.
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From the Yard to the Field, Premier Maintenance and Fabrication Company Gains Durability and Versatility from Inverter and Welder/Generator Technology

Against all the odds the construction market faced in the late 2000s — including an economy in recession and a slowing infrastructure — Bar T Equipment Service, Inc. found a niche for itself as a premier mine maintenance company, steel fabricator, and civil construction equipment maintenance and repair company. And it has continued to grow. 
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Welding With Induction Heating Improves Consistency and Saves Time

Using an induction heating system for welding preheat and post-weld stress relief can save time and improve productivity.
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Miller and Orange County Choppers (OCC) Pay Homage to American Welder

A look behind the making of the 75th Anniversary Miller Bike with Miller Electric Mfg. Co. and Orange County Choppers.
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Welders Experience Benefits of Dual Operator Welding Systems at Lambeau Field Expansion

Dual operator engine-driven welder/generators provide two welding outputs in one machine, getting more work done with less equipment on site and simplifying overall operation.
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Artist Kevin Stone Uses Advanced TIG Welder to Create "Shock and Awe" Art.

Kevin Stone uses his experience as a fabricator to turn 304 stainless steel into beautiful sculptures. Stone uses a fleet of Miller equipment to turn common stainless steel into dragons, eagles and more.
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Multi-Operator XMT® 350 Inverter Racks, SuitCase™ Wire Feeders Save Big Money at Dakota Creek Shipyard

By switching to multi-operator, multi-process inverter racks and suitcase-style wire feeders from Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Dakota Creek Industries substantially lowered labor costs associated with switching welding leads and reduced the strain on its workforce.
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Artist Masters 304 Stainless Steel Sculptures with Miller's Dynasty® TIG Welder

Kevin Stone uses his experience as a fabricator to turn 304 stainless steel into beautiful sculptures. Stone uses a fleet of Miller equipment to turn common stainless steel into dragons, eagles and more.
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RMD and Pulsed MIG Processes with Metal-Cored Wires Improve Pipe Fabrication for Swartfager Welding, Inc.

Pennsylvania fabricator builds systems that increase productivity, reduce non-value-added activities such as grinding, and simplify processes for operator training.
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Ariens Improves Productivity 25 Percent with Miller PerformArc Welding Cells

Ariens implemented several PerformArc welding automation systems from Miller Electric Mfg. Co., resulting in major productivity gains and a noticeable reduction in downtime and service calls for the company. .
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Shipbuilder Improves Quality Productivity with TIG Welders

Louisiana-based shipbuilder relies on the Dynasty® 400 TIG welders to meet customer deadlines and quality demands.
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Millermatic® 350P Helps Build the Simon Kilger Ericson Roadster

This 1929 Highboy Roadster features a mixture of mild steel and aluminum body components. To help fabricate this impressive racer, Kilger's Kustom Metal will depend on the flexibility of its Millermatic® 350P MIG welder as well as the Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™ plasma cutter and Syncrowave® 180 TIG welder.
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Out Back Aluminum Welding Relies on Versatility of Miller Dynasty 280 DX

Welding is a family passion for Garry and Darryll Euler. Garry remembers learning the trade from his father when he was just 13. Now, Garry runs Out Back Aluminum Welding with his son, Darryll.
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Ornamental Railing Fabricator Adds Millermatic 350P for Pulsed MIG Aluminum

Schouten Metalcraft uses a combination of conventional MIG and pulsed MIG welding technology to save 16 to 24 hours of welding time per project and reduce overall fabrication time by at least 50 percent. As a result, the company can adapt to market trends, reduce delivery time and still compete for price-driven customers ordering from catalogs.
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Lean Manufacturing Techniques Produce Fat Returns for Todd Pacific Shipyards

As part of company's effort to adopt "5s" lean manufacturing principles, Todd Pacific Shipyard took stock of its welding technology and traded older, larger, and inefficient welding equipment for compact, efficient new inverters and wire feeders from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. As a result, it has saved space, energy and rework time.
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Digital Wire Feeders Ensure MIG Welding Consistency for Structural Steel Storage Rack Manufacturer

Frazier Industrial's MIG welding tolerances are tighter than even American Welding Society Standards. By switching to Miller's S-74DX digital wire feeders with parameter locks and the ability to store four welding programs, Frazier Industrial was able to ensure weld quality and consistency.
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In-House Training Program Helps Team Fabricators Develop Welding Talent

To deal with a shortage of skilled labor, Team Fabricators of Port Arthur, Texas, launched an in-house training program to recruit and train welding operators to become more skilled in critical pipe welds. A training session starts every 12 weeks with six students. When the program first started, Team received about 10 applicants each time. That has tripled, with each session now drawing 30 to...
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Off-Road Warriors: Camburg Engineering Does it All

Owned and operated by friends Jerry Zaiden and Jason Campbell, Camburg Engineering is a leader in off-road suspension systems and is at the forefront in technology and design. With a shop over 10,000 square feet, Camburg is one of few off-road companies with the manufacturing capabilities to produce their own suspension components in-house as well as build their KINETIK race trucks from the ground...
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Detroit Speed, Inc.: a Motor City Success Story

Married engineers Kyle and Stacy Tucker had no idea when they custom-built unique suspension parts for a '69 Camaro pet project that it would lead to a successful business. From humble beginnings in a two-car garage in Detroit to its 30,000-square-foot home in Mooresville, N.C., Detroit Speed, Inc. has been on one wild ride and today is a go-to source for custom fabrication projects and its produc...
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New Welders Explore at Hands On Art Studio

Hands On Art Studio is a "Do-It-Yourself" Door County, Wis. destination, offering visitors of any age the ability to play with art in a four studio, 8,000 square foot walk-in art experience, no reservations needed.
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Welding Technology Makes Impact on Petro-China WEST-EAST III Pipeline Project

With the drive to construct more efficient oil and gas pipelines in increasingly remote areas, more owners are turning to high-strength steel to meet the demand.
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Ability to Send Welding Parameter Commands through the Weld Cable Eliminates Costly Control Cables, Wasted Time in Construction, Shipbuilding

New ArcReach welding technology sends voltage setting commands through the weld cable and eliminates the need for an extra control cable.
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Farm Journal Welding University Winners Tour Miller Facilities in Appleton

At Miller HQ, the winners went on tours of the manufacturing facilities and experienced hands-on welding training.

Farm Journal's Miller Welding University Winners Get VIP Treatment at Miller Headquarters

Farm Journal and Miller recently awarded three grand-prize winners of a special promotion an all-expenses-paid trip to Miller.

Fox Valley Technical College Dedicates new Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center with Miller

Miller proudly partnered with Fox Valley Technical College to help open its new Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Fox Valley Technical College Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center Dedication and Feedback

Miller proudly partnered with Fox Valley Technical College to help open its new Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

DIY Welding Project: Cordless Tool Charging Station

Cordless tool storage can be tricky, but this quick welding project will help keep all your tools in one place.

MIG Welding Water Bucket Holders for Horse Barn with Millermatic 211

Joel Ort of Miller Electric Mfg. Co. creates water bucket holders to mount in his horse barn using the Millermatic 211 MIG welder.

Rocket Pack Test Fire

Test fire of a Maets Rocket Pack.

How to Create Skull Metal Wall Art

This skull metal wall art is a fun and easy plasma cutter project perfect for Halloween or any time of the year!

Top Welding Schools Rely on XMT® Welders for Training

Students at Blinn College and Tulsa Welding School say XMT welders deliver a smooth arc that helps them produce a clean bead.

Fuel Efficiency and the Big Blue 350 PipePro

Pipeline welder Floyd East tells a story relating the fuel efficiency of Miller's Big Blue 350 PipePro.

Improving Dragline Bucket Abrasion Resistance

Bar T Equipment Service uses their Big Blue Air Pak™ welder/generators for high amp welding and carbon arc gouging.

LiveArc System Helps Company Recruit, Train Employees to Produce Quality Welds

ALMACO chose to implement LiveArc™ welding performance system into its operations as a training tool.

ArcReach Technology Helps Ensure Optimal Weld Settings

Easily set optional weld settings for any job at the wire feeder or remote with ArcReach® technology.

Miller Helps Armor Fabricator Secure New Contract, Guarantee Quality

Switching to a Pulsed MIG welding system secured Ultra Machine & Fabrication a new armored vehicle contract.

Dedicated Aluminum Welding Systems Minimize Quality Issues

A dedicated aluminum welder, like a Millermatic 350P Aluminum or AlumaFeed can reduce quality risks, and reduce cleanup.

Welders at AGCO's Sunflower Plant in Kansas Benefit from Welding Data

Welders at the AGCO Sunflower plant in Beloit, KS have installed the Axcess E system to better understand and use the data flowing from the welding cells.

Selecting Best Pipe Welder Was Key for Dixie Mechanical

Dixie President Greg Howell knows easy-to-use welding power sources help operators produce quality welds efficiently.

Dynasty® Provides More Control for High-Quality TIG Welds

Advanced features like independent amperage control allow operators to better control heat input for improved results.

Demolition and Structural Fabrication of Largest Scoreboard in Minor League Baseball

Owner of Metal Connection discusses work on the new scoreboard at AutoZone Park - the largest in all of minor league baseball.

Dynasty 400 Gives Metal Shark Boats Highest Weld Quality

Quality is a driving force behind Metal Shark Boats and the Dynasty® 400 TIG welders provide them with the best weld quality welds - the first time around.

TIG and Stick Remote Technology for Code Welding

Local 125 journeyman pipefitters save time and avoid rework every day with the help of Miller® remote technology.

Dynasty 280 and Weldcraft Torch Provide Versatility for Aluminum Boat Repairs

Out Back Aluminum Welding relies on the Dynasty 280 DX TIG/Stick welder to gain flexibility and portability for TIG welding on boats — in the shop or at the marina.

H&W Pacific Emergency Vehicle Group Updates Shop with Versatile Welding Equipment from Miller

H&W decided an update in welding equipment was needed to keep up with growing demand for aluminum and stainless materials.

Fuel Efficient Welding Equipment Keeps Noise Down

M&M Welding relies on Trailblazer 325 welder/generators with Auto-Speed™ technology to get the necessary power with less noise.

Detroit Speed, Inc: A Motor City Success Story

Detroit Speed has been on one wild ride and is now a go-to source for custom fabrication projects and its product line of automotive parts.

Southwest Welding Eliminates Clutter, Improves Productivity with Wireless Remote Welding Controls

Southwest Welding has found that wireless remote welding hand controls help improve productivity, reduce hassle and eliminate clutter on the jobsite.

Fume Extraction Designed for the Company: The Chandler Equipment Success Story

Chandler Equipment chose Miller’s FILTAIR Fume Extraction to clean-up the air in the companies welding shop.

Eliminate Back Purge in Stainless Steel Pipe Welding

Dixie Mechanical eliminated back purge and cut welding time by more than 30% with a process change and the PipeWorx 400.

AGCO Utilizes Axcess E with Insight

The AGCO facility at Jackson, MN utilizes Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s Axcess E with Insight to increase productivity and ensure product quality.

Texas College Builds a Thriving Welding Degree Program

In just four years, Blinn College grew its new welding program from 23 students the first semester to nearly 140 students.

Miller Dual-Operator Welder/Generator Does it All for Gold Rush Mining Crew

On a remote claim in Canada’s Yukon Territory, Parker Schnabel — feat. on “Gold Rush,” are on a quest to mine 2,000oz of gold with Big Blue 800.

Tony Beets Keeps His "Gold Rush" Mines Running With Miller

Gold mining legend Tony Beets uses Miller® equipment to solve challenges on his mine claims.

Versatility, Productivity Gained with Miller Multimatic 200 Multiprocess Power Source

High Tech Welding has gained 25-30% in productivity in field repairs since it began using the Miller Multimatic™ 200 all-in-one a year ago.

Miller Case Study: OEM Manufacturing Breaking Habits - The Story of Old Joe

Miller's Axcess system allowed OEM to switch from MIG short circuit transfer and flux cored to Pulsed MIG for extreme results.

K-zell Metals Discusses Offline Programming for Robotic Welding

K-Zell metals discusses the benefits of offline programming in robotic welding applications.

Construction Company Cuts Noise and Saves Money with Bobcat 250 Welder/Generator

C.D. Smith Construction used Miller Bobcat™ 250 and Trailblazer® 325 during the structural steel construction of a distribution center expansion.

ArcStation Reviews from Off-Roader Reon Rounds

Reon Rounds, a motorsports enthusiast, says how Miller's ArcStation eliminates several physical pains from his working environment.

STRETCH on the Millermatic 211 Auto-Set

STRETCH connects more than just metal; he connects a variety of elements, including metal, glass, wood, plastic and stone, to create his sculptures.

Taylor Machine Works Builds Big Red Equipment with Miller

Forklifts, lift trucks, and container handlers — Taylor Machine Works builds their heavy-duty equipment with the XMT 450.

Video 1 of 2: InterCon Construction Increases Fuel Efficiency, Productivity with Trailblazer 325 EFI

To gain fuel efficiency and get more power and flexibility, InterCon transitioned to Miller Trailblazer 325 welder/generators with Excel™ power and EFI for their field trucks.

Southwest Welding and the New Trailblazer 325 EFI with Excel Power in Mobile Fabrication

Southwest Welding bought the Trailblazer 325 EFI with Excel™ power to cut fuel costs, reduce sound levels, reduce size and weight of the equipment on the truck.

Structural Steel Welding and the new Trailblazer 325 EFI with Excel Power

Coastal Steel works with Miller’s Trailblazer 325 EFI to lower fuel use and related cost, and lower sound output by up to 68%.

Tony Beets and Crew Share Secrets to Gold Mining Success

"Gold Rush" mine boss Tony Beets knows good equipment is critical to keep an operation running.

Train Welders Quicker with Deltaweld Systems

By making the move to Deltaweld systems, Webster Industries has decreased training time for new welders.

Pipeline Welders Rely on Wireless Remote Welding Hand Controls

Welders on a pipeline project discuss their use of Miller's wireless remote hand control technology, which has improved safety and excellent reliability.

Helmet Lens Technology Provides Clear View for M&M Welding

For the best view of the weld pool, M&M Welding relies on Miller® welding helmets with ClearLight Lens Technology.

Journeymen Pipefitters Keep Welding With Stick/TIG Remote

ArcReach® remote welding technology doesn’t sacrifice arc performance for convenience. Just ask pipefitters with Local 125 and Modern Piping.

Bollinger Shipyards and Advanced Pulsed MIG Welding on Aluminum

Bollinger Shipyards improves productivity and simplifies aluminum welding on patrol boats with Miller's advanced AlumaFeed™ Synergic Aluminum.

High Tech Welding: Equipment Key to Quality, Versatility, Productivity

High Tech Welding relies on Multimatic™ 200 multiprocess to increase productivity on field repair and fabrication jobs.

Interview with CMW Welding and Fabrication

Watch our interview with CMW Welding and Fabrication.

Southwest Welding Eliminates Clutter, Improves Productivity with Wireless Remote Welding Controls

Southwest Welding found that wireless remote welding hand controls help improve productivity, reduce hassle and eliminate clutter.

Blinn Students Rely on Dynasty® Welders for Precision TIG

When it’s time for the TIG welding portion of their training, Blinn College students run to the Dynasty welders in their lab.

Allied Marine CST 280 Stick Welding

The Miller CST 280 inverter racks offer a powerful, rugged, portable solution that keeps their business competitive.

Fabricator's Pulsed MIG Fleet Possible Thanks to Miller's 0% Financing

Ultra Machine & Fabrication's new fleet of Miller Axcess 450 MIG welders gave them the Pulsed MIG needed to secure new parts contracts.

Structural Steel Fabricator Earns $105,000 Rebate with New Welding Fleet.

California Welding Operation Relies on ArcReach Technology

ArcReach® technology lets welders adjust parameters at the weld joint, reducing trips to the power source and enhancing safety.

Run Jobsite Tools at Quiet, Fuel-Saving Idle Speed

Excel™ power lets you save refueling time and operating costs while running jobsite tools off one welder/generator.

Miller Axcess E Welder - Training2Go

Training2Go is a 'just in time' electronic training tool that provides Insight Centerpoint™ training when a user needs it.

K-zell Metals Makes the Case for Robotic Welding

K-zell Metals discusses the advantages of robotic welding with PerformArc pre-engineered weld cells.

Video 2 of 2: Trailblazer Sound Reduction Increases Safety, Productivity for InterCon Construction

A quieter jobsite is a safer, more efficient place to work. Miller built the Trailblazer® to run up to 68% quieter than previous models.

Smoky Mountain Jet Boat Built with Pulsed MIG Technology

Jet Boats is building aluminum in the mountain woods, using Miller's latest Pulsed MIG technology to ride the wave of boat orders.

Miller PipeWorx Paired with Pipe Jammer Results in Nearly 100% X-Ray Passage Rate

Combining Miller PipeWorx power source and a RMD root pass with a Pipe Jammer system led to major productivity gains for USA Energy Fabrication.

U.S.’s Largest Welding School Has Career-Focused Approach

A culture of graduation starts day one at Tulsa Welding School’s Houston campus. Look inside the nation’s largest welding program.

Easily Change Welding Processes for Pipe Fabrication

The PipeWorx 400 lets welders at Dixie Mechanical switch welding processes with the push of a button during pipe fabrication.

Dave Johnson, Miller Service Technician

Miller Service Technician Dave Johnson works side-by-side with customers to keep them running at optimum efficiency.

Structural Fabrication Made Faster With Miller XMT Welders

WF Steel & Crane relies on Miller® XMT® 450 power sources to ensure every weld meets the quality standards their customers demand.

Marine Manufacturer Cuts Hours of Rework on Aluminum Welds

Welding anodized aluminum requires a skilled welder and attention to detail. See how G.G. Schmitt & Sons reduces rework.

RMD Welding Technology Doubles Productivity for Sigma Thermal

Manufacturer Sigma Thermal improved productivity 50 percent with a switch to Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD®) from Miller.

Out Back Aluminum Welding Relies on Dynasty 280 TIG/Stick Welder for Tough Repair Jobs

Out Back Aluminum Welding is known for pontoon and aluminum boat repair and part fabrication in the Lake of the Ozarks resort region.

Brandeis Machinery and EnPak Mechanic Series

With EnPak, Brandeis experienced a 55% reduction in idle time, a 36% reduction in overall engine hours, and preliminary fuel-savings.

Chris Cramer Discusses the Bobcat 250 EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)

Chris Cramer, owner of Metal Connection, discusses the Bobcat™ 250 EFI and its work on the largest scoreboard in all of minor league baseball.

STRETCH on the Spectrum 375 X-TREME

STRETCH has welded a name for himself in Kansas City, Mo. using Miller's Spectrum 375 X-TREME to cut metals for his sculptures.

Welding Technology Saves Time on the Jobsite

Miller® ArcReach® technology helps save significant time for M&M Welding, since welders can adjust parameters at the weld joint.

Metal Shark Boats Gain Productivity with Dynasty 400

The extra amperage from the Dynasty 400 TIG welders help Metal Shark improve productivity by eliminating time for preheat on thicker aluminum.

"Gold Rush" Mining Crews Know Time is Money on Claims

For Discovery Channel "Gold Rush" mining bosses Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel, downtime is the enemy in the Yukon Territory

Axcess System Provides Managers Welding Data at AGCO

Managers at the Beloit, KS plant of AGCO Sunflower have installed Miller’s Axcess E Systems so managers can mine the data that flows from the welding cell.

G.G. Schmitt Completes Welds Faster With Dynasty Welders

A switch to Dynasty® welders helped marine hardware manufacturer G.G. Schmitt & Sons improve productivity in the welding operation.

Dynasty 350 Helps Vesco Metal Craft Get More out the Door

Vesco Metal Craft benefits by switching to Miller's Dynasty 350 with advanced AC TIG controls for welding aluminum.

Pro-Weld Services Relies on Versatile Dynasty® TIG Welders

Dynasty TIG welders are the total package for Pro-Weld Services, a training and consulting business focused on aerospace welding.

Repairing a Vacuum Tank Discharge Pipe

M&M Welding relies on the Trailblazer® 325 welder/generator to complete many welding jobs for customers all over California.

Miller's Aluminum Welding System Helps Metal Shark Aluminum Boats

Metal Shark increased efficiency, doubled production and cut welding time in half by using Miller's aluminum welding system.

Manufacturer Welds Mill Finish and Anodized Aluminum Parts

As the marine industry moves to more custom designs, G.G. Schmitt & Sons relies on Dynasty® welders to fabricate innovative parts.

Miller Case Study: Pulsed MIG Welding Increases Speed, Eliminates Preheating on Aluminum

OMF Performance Products Bead Lock Technology for Off-road Racing

OMF Performance Products owner discusses the company's bead lock technology for off-road racing vehicles, including trucks, dune buggies, & rock crawlers.

G.G. Schmitt Reduces Rework by 10% With Dynasty Welders

With the marine industry booming, see how hardware manufacturer G.G. Schmitt & Sons reduces rework and cuts welding time.

Automation Increases Company's Productivity and Workforce

Training first-time users of welding automation at Kenosha Metal Products helped ensure success using the Miller robotic welding cells.

A Brief History of Pipeline Welders in Bald Knob, Arkansas

Members of Pipeliners Local Union 798 talk about the history of Bald Knob, Arkansas, referred to by many as the "Pipeliners Capital of the World".

How to Reduce Scrap on Bright Dip Anodized Aluminum

Manufacturer G.G. Schmitt welds many types of aluminum, including bright dip anodized. See how Dynasty® welders help reduce rework

Contractor Optimizes TIG and Stick Welding Performance

NAES Power Contractors adheres to stringent codes for boiler repair projects, so completing high-quality welds is critical.

Ariens Improves Quality, Productivity with Robotic Welding

Ariens Corporation increased productivity by 25 percent by implementing PerformArc® pre-engineered robotic welding cells, while also improving quality by approximately 94 percent on the outdoor equipment they build.

Trailblazer 325 Diesel Delivers Big on Gold Rush Mining Site

In Canada, Schnabel and his crew — feat. on “Gold Rush” — use Trailblazer 325 Diesel Excel™ to mine 2,000 oz. of gold.

Schnabel Crew Chases Gold Totals With Miller Equipment

Repairs are a part of life on Parker Schnabel's Yukon mining claim, so welding is critical to keeping the operation running.

Miller Dynasty 700 TIG Welder Reduces Power Draw, Increases TIG Speed

Deposition Rates for Exterran Nearly Double with Miller RMD Process

Exterran recently completely standardized its Brittmoore pipe shop in Houston to the Miller PipeWorx 400 welding system.

Miller Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Reduces Fuel and Emissions for Apex Steel

Learn how Miller's Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) reduced fuel and emissions for Apex Steel.

Dynasty® TIG Welders Offer Ease of Use for Training

A consistent interface across the Dynasty lineup makes it easier for new operators to move from machine to machine as they train.

Miller's Aluminum Welding System helps Metal Shark Aluminum Boats

Metal Shark increased efficiency, doubled production, and cut welding time in half by using Millermatic 350P pulsed MIG welders.

M&M Welding Saves Time and Money With ArcReach® Technology

M&M Welding relies on ArcReach technology to complete jobs all over California for customers that demand efficiency and high-quality critical welds.

School Uses One Compact Machine for Every Welding Process

The welding lab is busy 16 hours a day, so Tulsa Welding School’s Houston campus needs reliable equipment to handle any process.

K-zell Metals and the AlumaFeed Synergic Aluminum Welding System

K-zell Metals relies on Miller's AlumaFeed Synergic System for welding aluminum components. Benefits are excellent arc starts and aesthetics.

"The Lambeau Episodes" Trailer: Welding and the Lambeau Field Expansion

Miller Electric and Hobart Brothers were named by Green Bay Packers as the Official Welding Equipment Provider of the Lambeau Field Expansion.

Discovery’s Gold Rush Mining Crew Relies on Miller Equipment

On a remote claim in Canada’s Yukon Territory, Parker Schnabel and his crew are on a quest to mine 2,000 ounces of gold.

Interview with Iron Grip: Uplifting Production

Miller's Millermatic 350P helped the Iron Grip Barbell Company increase productivity by 16% and reduce scrap by 20%.

Topp's Mechanical: Induction Heating

Miller visits with Topp's Mechanical to discuss their use of Miller's induction heating technology in the ProHeat 35.

Fabricator Reduces Power Draw by 25-30% with Miller Welding Inverters

OMF Performance Products reduced power draw substantially by switching from an old transformer-based welder to two inverter-based welders.

Schnabel Crew Mines Record Totals on Discovery's "Gold Rush"

With ambitious gold goals each season, productivity is king for Parker Schnabel and crew on their remote Yukon claim.

LEED-Certified Structure Welded with Miller Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Welder Generator

Apex Steel ran one of the first Trailblazer 302s with electronic fuel injection (EFI) and realized a 20% reduction in fuel.

Interview with Kreator Equipment Services Inc. - Serious Savings Expanded Service

Kreator Equipment Services talks about how it outfits its service vehicles with welding equipment.

Custom Equipment Manufacturer Improves Welder Training with LiveArc System

ALMACO implemented Miller’s LiveArc™ welding system to expedite and improve employee training.

Miller TIG Welders Deliver Best Arc for Manufacturer

Fort Defiance Industries manufactures critical medical devices for the U.S. military with the help of Miller Dynasty® machines.

Dixie Mechanical Saves Time and Money With Miller PipeWorx

Pipe fabricator Dixie Mechanical uses the latest in welding technology to eliminate back purge on stainless steel pipe.

Ultra Switches to Pulsed MIG for Welding Steel Armor

Director of Welding, Ultra Machine & Fabrication, discusses Miller's Axcess 450 and how the switch to Pulsed MIG vs Flux Cored helped secure a new contract.

Students Train With XMT® Welders Widely Used in Industry

Welding students at Tulsa Welding School’s Houston campus are learning with a machine they’ll find in many industry applications.

Miller Welder Case Study: Inverters Replace Transformers to Gain Space and Power Savings

Zero to 60 Garage on ArcStation

Owner of Zero to 60 Garage shares how Miller's ArcStation solved numerous workflow pains for his auto repair and restoration business.

Welding Process Change Makes Manufacturer More Competitive

A welding process conversion to Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD®) helps Sigma Thermal stay ahead of the competition.

The Lambeau Episodes 6: New Trailblazer 325 EFI Cuts Fuel, Noise at Lambeau Field

In this episode we look at the new Trailblazer 325 EFI with Excel Power, used extensively in the welding of existing columns in the Lambeau Field structure.

NAES Power Contractors Saves Hours on Boiler Outage Repair

Easy polarity reversing allows NAES Power Contractors to save hours and complete two to three times as many welds each shift.

H&W Operators Find Invision Welding System User Friendly with Better Arc Control

H&W Pacific Emergency Vehicle Group uses Invision 352 MPa Plus to increase productivity thanks to more control and longer leads.

The Lambeau Episodes 5: Induction Heating in Structural Steel Applications

Miron Construction used Miller induction heating throughout the Lambeau Field expansion project.

Fort Defiance Industries Relies on Miller Dynasty Machines

The Miller® Dynasty® machines used by Fort Defiance Industries provide capabilities for a dynamic manufacturing environment.

The Lambeau Episodes 1: Lambeau Expansion Overview

President of ITW Welding North America and Construction manager of Miron Construction Co. give an overview of the Lambeau Field Expansion project.

Miller Case Study: Coastal Steel - One Tool for Structural Steel

Dave Almy, Miller Weld Engineer

Miller Weld Engineer works with customers to minimize weld downtime and make manufacturing operations more efficient.

Miller Case Study: Interview with OEM and Axcess MIG Welders

Miller's Axcess allows OEM to switch from MIG short circuit transfer to Pulsed MIG with minimal training and extreme results.

XMT® Welders Are a Bridge From Lab to Industry for Students

Blinn welding students often need to switch between MIG, TIG and stick in the same class. They rely on versatile XMT welders.

Company Decreases Fuel and Operation Costs with EnPak Power System for Work Trucks

To meet the wide variety of its customer needs, while also lowering fuel and operation costs, Butler Machinery decided to convert to EnPak® power systems.

Miller Case Study: Big Gun Exhaust Technology Upgrade

Webster Industries Sees Improved Quality With Deltaweld®

With Deltaweld® systems, the welders at Webster Industries have seen cleaner beads and reduced spatter.

Exterran Sees 24% Production Increase with Miller PipeWorx

Exterran converted and completely standardized its pipe shop to the Miller PipeWorx 400 welding system.

Miller XMT 450 Delivers Smooth Arc for Taylor Machine Works

Taylor Machine Works, a Mississippi-based heavy equipment manufacturer, relies on the Miller XMT 450 to lay high-quality welds.

Miller Trailblazer 302 Air Pak and Coastal Steel Inc.

President of Coastal Steel talks about how the Trailblazer 302 Air Pak™ is a great machine for Strucural Steel.

Miller Service Important to Marine Hardware Manufacturer

Fabrication for the marine industry demands high quality, and welding equipment is a key factor in producing the best results.

Submerged Arc Welding Allows WF Steel and Crane to Weld Faster

WF Steel & Crane saves time with an automated submerged arc welding system using Miller® SubArc DC 1000 Digital power sources.

Boilermakers Change Welding Polarity With Push of a Button

NAES Power Contractors can have many welders on a jobsite who change polarity dozens of times. See how new technology made it easier.

Millermatic 211 with Multi-Voltage Plug Allows You to Weld in More Places — No Tools Required

Millermatic 211, with improved duty cycle, welds material from 24 gauge to 3/8-inch thick in a single pass — the highest output in its class.

Miller MIG Welder Feature - Auto-Set

Auto-Set™ is a breakthrough control that automatically sets your MIG welder to the proper parameters. Auto-Set makes set up very simple and gives you precise settings instantly.

Monitor the Axcess E

Axcess E allows employees to change configurations, check settings, define programs, monitor basic functions, troubleshoot the system, and more.

Using Your Miller Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

Learn how to properly use and maintain your PAPR system stay compliant and keep it in good condition.

Invision Series Overview

The Invision™ is an entry-level pulsed MIG solution for general manufacturing. Invision is easy to set up, it's cost-effective and versatile.

Introducing Miller Welding Automation

Miller Electric announced that it entered into a strategic partnership with Panasonic Welding Systems Co., Ltd.

Miller Gen II Headgear Features & Benefits

Miller has introduced new headgear compatible with most of its welding helmets, including the new Titanium Series™ auto-darkening welding helmets with InfoTrack™ Technology.

Miller SuitCase X-TREME: Go Anywhere - Do Anything

Miller Axcess and Auto-Axcess MIG Welder Interface and Controls

Miller Millermatic MIG Welders: Auto-Set Technology

Auto-Set technology makes setting up and using your Millermatic MIG welder quick and easy.

Miller Invision MPa MIG welder

Learn more about the Invision 350 MPa MIG welder which offers Pulse MIG, MIG and Carbon-Arc Gouging all in one machine.

Miller Insight Core - Benefits of Weld Data Monitoring

Insight Core™ from Miller provides companies with the knowledge they need to drive continuous improvement in their welding operations. By gathering real-time information on arc-on times, deposition rates and more, companies can gain better weld quality, increase productivity and improve profitability.

Miller ArcStation Workbench - Convenience Kit

Learn about the optional convenience kit for ArcStation workbenches. Includes a gun/torch holder, clamp bar and a tool holder to keep your metalworking tools within reach.

Miller Multimatic 255: Built for Chassis Fabrication

The master fabricators at Roadster Shop rely on the Multimatic® 255 for MIG and TIG welding their in-demand chassis.

Using Your Syncrowave 210 TIG Welder in the Shop, Garage or at the Track

Andy Weyenberg, motorsports marketing manager at Miller, and Jeff Day of New Day Motorsports discuss the benefits of using the Syncrowave 210 TIG welder in your home garage, shop or at the track, demonstrating it's versatility on two projects - a shifter boot cover plate and a power steering reservoir. The Syncrowave 210 includes a built-in pulser to reduce the total heat input to the piece, an...

Dynasty® 210 Product Overview

Miller’s Dynasty® 210 is a portable AC/DC TIG and stick capable power source rated for ¼” thick material.

Miller FieldPro Remote Provides Complete Control at Weld Joint for Stick and TIG Welding

The PipeWorx 350 FieldPro™ System delivers simplified cable management (no control cable required), complete control at the weld joint, arc performance optimized for critical pipe welding and is designed to withstand the harshest field environments.

Advance Function Overview Dynasty 350

Learn how to access the advance function menu and settings of your Dynasty 350.

Miller WeldX Features & Benefits

A brief overview of Miller's exclusive WeldX jackets and protective clothing, combining the protection and performance of leather with the weight and breathability of cotton.

MIG Welding Custom Motor Mounts with the Millermatic 212

Richard of Honest Charley Garage describes the process of fabricating motor mounts for the Street Rodder Road Tour '51 Ford with the Millermatic 212 Auto-Set™.

Miller CoolBelt Features & Benefits

An overview of Miller's exclusive CoolBelt belt-mounted cooling system, providing heat stress relief to welders and helping to increase comfort and productivity.

Using Your Miller Supplied Air Respirator (SAR)

Learn how to properly use and maintain your SAR system to stay compliant keep it in good condition.

Miller Axcess Industrial Semi-Auto, Auto and Robotic MIG Welders

Learn about Miller's Axcess industrial MIG welder line and configuration options.

Miller T94™ Series Welding Helmets – Headgear Adjustment

Learn how to adjust the Miller T94 Series 4-point suspension headgear system, including tightness, balance and stability, angle, and distance.

Miller Axcess Industrial Welders - Optional Palm File Management

NEW Spectrum 375 X-TREME™ with XT30 Torch Delivers Big Cutting Power

Generating 30 amps, the Miller Spectrum 375 X-TREME delivers big cutting power, enough to slice through 3/8-in mild steel.

Dynasty® 400 Product Overview

Dynasty® 400 provides pulse, balance, and frequency adjustments, AND allows for changing of waveshape and independent amp adjustment.

Wire Feeders Built for the Jobsite Offer Portable Durability

To get the necessary durability and portability for Flux-Cored welding on a jobsite, National Welding relies on the Miller SuitCase X-Treme™ 12 VS.

Why Pipe Fabrication Industry Leaders Choose PipeWorx 400

From root to cap, the Miller® PipeWorx 400 system delivers increased productivity and quality for every pipe welded.

Miller Spectrum X-TREME™ Plasma Cutters feature Auto-Line™ & Multi-Voltage Capabilities

No matter what power is available — 115 or 230 volts — you can plug right in and get to work using a Miller Spectrum X-TREME™ Plasma cutter.

Kicking Off the 2010 Welding Showdown

Miller's Nicole Muench and John Swartz discuss the 2010 Welding Showdown held at Miller's Appleton, WI headquarters on September 29, 2010.

Ingalls Shipbuilding and the Dimension NT 450 ArcReach System

Miller's Dimension NT 450 ArcReach/SuitCase X-TREME ArcReach helps Ingalls Shipbuilding keep voltage and amperage control.

The Lambeau Episodes 2: Flux Cored Welding in Structural Steel Applications

Miller, Hobart and Miron Construction worked together as part of the Lambeau Field Expansion to transition some welding processes from Stick to Flux-Cored.

AGCO Sunflower Increases Profits with Axcess E System from Miller

The AGCO factory realizes significant yearly savings and improved productivity after it employs Miller’s Axcess E with Insight Centerpoint™ software.

Pipeliner's Appreciation Event in Bald Knob, Arkansas

Miller Electric and other industry vendors held a Pipeliners Appreciation Event where the Big Blue 350 PipePro was unveiled and demonstrated to attendees.

The Lambeau Episodes 3: Weld Fume Extraction

Miron Construction relied on portable FILTAIR fume extraction systems to keep areas clean and free of welding fume.

Wireless TIG Foot Remote Controls at Marcella Manifolds

Marcella Manifolds discusses the benefits of wireless TIG remote foot controls, including less hassle and less tripping hazards.

Miller Robotic Weld Cell Training Simplifies Programming for Manufacturer

After purchasing and installing Miller PerformArc® robotic welding systems, Ariens Corporation of Brillion, Wisconsin encouraged employees to take advantage of the one-week training course provided to enhance their programming skills.

K-zell Metals Increases Productivity, Quality with Robotic Welding

K-zell Metals added 2 pre-engineered robotic weld cells that helped increase productivity and aggressively bid work.

Jolson Welding and the New SuitCase X-TREME 12VS Wire Feeder

Bob Jolson, owner of Jolson Welding, discusses Miller's SuitCase X-TREME 12VS wire feeder.

Chris Cramer Discusses the Spectrum 625 X-TREME Plasma Cutter

Owner of Metal Connection discusses his work with the Spectrum 625 X-TREME™ plasma cutter on the recent demolition and construction at AutoZone Park.

Pure Aluminum Hull Built with Miller Welders: Smoky Mountain Jet Boat Goes for a Ride

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats are assembled using Pulse MIG from Miller welding equipment.

Contractor Sees Improved Safety, Quality, Value and Performance with PipeWorx 350 FieldPro System

Using the Miller PipeWorx 350 FieldPro™ System for Stick and TIG welding, Modern Piping Inc. gained optimized arc performance for critical pipe welding,

Miller Big Blue Air Pak: "There's Nothing it Can't Do"

From the yard to the field, Bar T Equipment Service Inc. requires equipment that provides high-amperage welding and carbon arc gouging capabilities.

Ariens Gains Productivity, Lowers Maintenance & Operation Costs with Miller Welding Robotic Cells

Ariens Corporation of Brillion, Wis. needed new robotic systems to help continue the production of its high quality outdoor power equipment.

Contractor Increases Efficiency with Miller Big Blue 800 Duo Pro welder/generators

As one of the top steel erectors in the country, Superior Steel tackles complex engineering, fabrication and erection jobs.

The Lambeau Episodes 4: Dual Operator Welding Systems

Miron Construction used two of Miller's dual operating systems - the Big Blue 450 Duo CST and the Big Blue 700 Duo Pro on the Lambeau Field Expansion.

Miller ProHeat Induction Heating - Air Cooled System

Learn more about the ProHeat induction heating air cooled system.

Wireless Remote Hand Control Improves Pipeline Welding

Garry Allison, pipeline welder, discusses his experience with Miller's new wireless hand remote control on the Ruby Pipeline.

Jolson Welding and Its Structural Steel Welding System

Bob Jolson discusses what he uses for structural steel welding: Big Blue 500, SuitCase X-TREME™ 12VS wire feeders, Miller wireless remote hand controls.

USA Energy Fabrication More than Triples Productivity with Miller PipeWorx

Combining Miller PipeWorx and RMD root pass with a Pipe Jammer system led to major productivity gains for USA Energy Fabrication.

Marcella Manifolds & TIG Welding Aluminum Manifolds

Owner of Marcella Manifolds discusses the evolution of GTAW welding, including the advanced AC TIG controls.

Induction Heating Cuts Preheat Time, Provides Uniform Heating for Swartfager Welding, Inc.

Swartfager Welding has turned to induction heating with ProHeat 35 for many of its preheating, interpass temperature control and stress relieving applications.

Apex Steel Improves Productivity and Jobsite Safety With ArcReach Technology

Apex Steel needs welding operators to be efficient on the jobsite, so they got Miller's ArcReach® for complete control of welding parameters.

The Big Blue 350 PipePro Improves Arc, Reduces Fuel on Pipeline Project

The 55-mile stretch of Dominion's Appalachian Gateway Project will help supply Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states with a much-needed source of natural gas.

Induction Heating Proves Easy to Use for Topp's Mechanical

Miller visits with Topp's Mechanical to discuss their use of Miller's induction heating technology found in the ProHeat 35.

MillerWelds Exclusive: Advantages of Pulsed MIG on Aluminum at Greenheck Fan

Greenheck Fan discusses the benefits of Pulsed MIG aluminum welding in aluminum applications in its Wisconsin manufacturing facility.

Miller's CoolBand Keeps Welders Cool Under the Helmet

Miller's exclusive CoolBand™ headgear-integrated cooling system prevents helmet lenses and glasses from fogging.

Smoky Mounatin Jet Boat Relies on Partnership with Miller and Local Distributor for Solutions

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats builds 100% aluminum watercraft. The company turns to Miller for the latest Pulse MIG welding technology to get the job done.

Team Fabricators Recruit and Develop Welding Talent In-House with Miller PipeWorx 400

To deal with a shortage of skilled labor, Team Fabricators launched an in-house training program to recruit and train welding operators.

Tips for Choosing the Right Welder for Your Application

It’s important to consider the input power available, material to be welded, and the prime window in which a specific machine operates best.

Topp's Mechanical: Induction Heating and Welding P1 Headers

Miller visits with Topp's Mechanical to discuss their use of Miller's induction heating technology found in the ProHeat 35.

Apex Steel Saves up to Two Hours Per Welder Per Day

Remote control welding technology from Miller helps structural steel contractor Apex Steel save time and meet quality demands.

Welding Automation Investment Offers Company Fast Payback

Kenosha Metal Products saw a payback of less than one year, along with significant accuracy with Miller's welding automation.

Pipe Fabricator Relies on Miller Equipment for Productivity Gains and Welder Training

A leader in pipe fabrication relies on Miller's latest innovations in pipe welding equipment for productivity gains and improved welder training.