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Insight Core™ Delivers Visibility to Improve Welding Productivity

Insight Core reports welding productivity from a web-based application to measure and improve your operation.

  • Measure welding productivity. See each welder's arc-on time to set baselines, plan improvements and measure goals.
  • View easy-to-understand reports. Dashboards show trends and develop reports. Compare welders, cells and plants.
  • Identify welding costs. Make improvements to reduce expenses.
  • Easily install and use. Just connect it to the internet. View secure data on any web-connected device anywhere.

Dashboards — Performance Metrics Overview

Dashboards provide key welding data about your operation.


  1. Status Dashboard: Get a complete overview of essential performance metrics about your welding operation.
  2. Productivity Dashboard: Instantly view arc-on time and wire deposition by location, by weld cell or by power source.
  3. Quality Dashboard: Evaluate real-time analyses and reports on every weld made. Know when established thresholds for amps, volts and wire-feed speed fail to be met.
  4. Asset Tree: Take inventory of power sources within your fleet that are enabled with Insight Core — organized by building, department or machine. See real-time activity status icons and Operator ID.
  5. Goals Dashboard: View progress toward continuous improvement goals you set for boosting welding productivity — including arc-on time, deposition rates and arc starts.
  6. Events Dashboard: Obtain a record of welder uptime, connectivity and machine-level events and errors as they occur.
  7. Analytics Tools/Reports: Get reports that include in-depth information — reports you can easily modify and display in a wide variety of customizable formats.
  8. Operator ID: Track welding performance by individual welders.

How It Works

  1. Integrate Insight Core into your company's network: Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connectivity are built in.
  2. Data is generated and automatically sent to the cloud, where it's processed, organized and securely stored.
  3. Get reports delivered on the browser of any web-enabled device.

Leverage Existing Investments

With an ArcAgent™ module, you have the power of Insight Core on any machine from any manufacturer, giving you complete coverage of your facility.
Use Insight Core on any 14-pin-compliant legacy Miller® machine.


Example of weld data provided by Insight Core displayed on laptop screen, tablet screen and cell phone screen

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Get Visibility To Improve Welding Productivity

Insight Core™ is an easy-to-use welding information solution that gives visibility into your operation to improve productivity.

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Miller Insight Core - Benefits of Weld Data Monitoring

Insight Core™ from Miller provides companies with the knowledge they need to drive continuous improvement in their welding operations. By gathering real-time information on arc-on times, deposition rates and more, companies can gain better weld quality, increase productivity and improve profitability.