Insight Core Cloud Weld Monitoring Solution

Insight Core™

Simple, cloud-based welding information solution.

  • Increase productivity. Do you know which weld operators are more productive and which need additional welding training? Insight Core can tell you.
  • Improve weld quality. Are weld defects escaping your detection? Insight Core can identify out-of-parameter welds and the operators creating them.
  • Manage costs. What are your true welding costs — and where are your best opportunities to reduce them? Insight Core can help you reduce cost.

Dashboards — Performance Metrics Overview

Information is delivered to your computer, tablet, smartphone — any web-enabled device — anywhere in the world. Dashboards provide quick, at-a-glance access to key information and metrics about your welding operation's productivity, quality and progress toward goals.


  1. Status Dashboard: A complete overview of essential performance metrics about your welding operation.
  2. Productivity Dashboard: Instant visibility of arc-on time and wire deposition, by location, by weld cell or by power source.
  3. Quality Dashboard: Real-time analysis and reporting of every weld made, revealing when quality fails to meet established thresholds for amps, volts and wire-feed speed.
  4. Asset Tree: An inventory of power sources within your fleet that are enabled with Insight Core — organized by building, department or machine — showing real-time activity status icons as well as Operator ID.
  5. Goals Dashboard: Shows progress toward continuous improvement goals you set for improving arc-on time, deposition rates and arc starts.
  6. Events Dashboard: Provides a record of welder uptime, connectivity, and machine-level events and errors as they occur.
  7. Analytics Tools/Reports: In-depth information is available in reports that can be easily modified and displayed in a wide variety of customizable formats. 
  8. Operator ID: Track welding performance by individual welding operators.

Leverage Existing Investments

Available for Miller® 14-pin compliant power sources and any other brand of power source using an easy-to-install module, Insight Core can help you get the most out of your existing welding fleet.

How It Works:


  1. Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connectivity are built into Insight Core for flexible integration with your company's information network.
  2. As each power source is used, data is generated and automatically transmitted.
  3. Data is sent to the cloud, where it's processed, organized, securely stored and available to view.
  4. Reports are delivered on the browser of any web-enabled device.

Compatible Products