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Let the Brown Dog Weld

Josh Welton is a welder by trade. He struck his first arc in November 2002, when he served as a millwright apprentice for Chrysler. “I never grew up thinking I was going to be a welder,” says Welton. “I hired in as a millwright, went through the training, struck an arc and was like ‘This is what I want to do. I want to weld.’”
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Ron Covell Reviews the Dynasty 210 DX TIG Runner with Wireless Package

Ron Covell, owner of Covell Creative Metalworking in Freedom, provides a product review on the Miller Dynasty 210 DX TIG Runner with Wireless Package.
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Buying Your First Welder: A Practical, Informative Guide for Do-It-Yourselfers

Get objective, informative and practical help and information in buying your first welder.
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8 Tips for Using a Plasma Cutter in Custom Car Builds

Ensure proper plasma cutter settings with a sample cut and use faster travel speeds for cleaner cuts. Read more plasma cutting tips.
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Arc Academy Makes Welding Accessible, Easy-to-Learn

Led by Steve Christena and Brad Cowan, Chicago-based Arc Academy caters to anyone who is curious about welding. From scheduled courses and open shop hours to an online video training curriculum, there is something for everyone. It is provided in a unique and laid-back way that makes the educational offering accessible to area residents and hobbyists across the country.
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At Pure Vision, the cars and people are anything but ordinary

Located in Simi Valley, Calif., has become a world-renowned street machine fabrication shop. Pure Vision cars have a very signature concept and build style that can be described as simple, straightforward and well-detailed. People just seem to know when it’s a Pure Vision original.
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A Love of Racing Leads Jessica Johnston to Welding

Johnston isn’t fazed by being a woman in two male-dominated worlds: racing and welding. She plans to continue chasing her passions and doing what she loves. “You have to prove yourself — everybody wants to make sure that you know what you’re talking about,” Johnston says. “But I’m not going anywhere. It’s so much of a passion that nothing will deter me. Once you’re in the industry and people take...
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Welding How To: Building a Stainless Steel Car Grille

Metalworker Ron Covell demonstrates how to build a stainless steel car grille using a TIG welder and plasma cutter.
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Tips for Welding Sheet Metal With MIG or TIG

Learn why MIG, pulsed MIG, TIG and pulsed TIG are the ideal choices when welding sheet metal.
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Jimmy Shine Builds on Southern California Hot Rod Tradition

Jimmy Shine is a talented fabricator and hot rodder who relies on Miller equipment to get the job done.
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Welding Project: Making a Formed Aluminum Air Scoop for a Carburetor

Learn how to weld an air scoop from aluminum for a single four-barrel carburetor from metalworker Ron Covell.
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TIG Welding a Go-Kart Gas Tank

Metal artist Tom Patsis is back to teach you how to build a gas tank for a go-kart with a TIG welder.
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Welding Tips: The Secret to Success When TIG Welding

Learn the tips & tricks to TIG welding for beginning and intermediate welders from metalworker Ron Covell.
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How to Improve the Look and Quality of Aluminum TIG Welds

Learn more about using proper polarity, adjusting balance control and setting AC amperage independently when welding aluminum.
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Stroud's Custom Classics: From Cars to Bars

Custom builder Bodie Stroud owns and operates BS Industries in Sun Valley, California. Known for making major changes in a subtle way, Stroud incorporates his vision and style along with modern technologies into a vehicle for a more comfortable ride. His shop specializes in anything pre-1970s — from a stock restoration to the “completely wild” ’63 Ford Galaxy he’ll bring to the SEMA show in the...
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Off-Road Warriors: Camburg Engineering Does it All

Owned and operated by friends Jerry Zaiden and Jason Campbell, Camburg Engineering is a leader in off-road suspension systems and is at the forefront in technology and design. With a shop over 10,000 square feet, Camburg is one of few off-road companies with the manufacturing capabilities to produce their own suspension components in-house as well as build their KINETIK race trucks from the ground...
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Episode 6: Custom-Made Motor Mounts with Hollywood Hot Rods Fabricator Kyle Cannole

Hollywood Hot Rods fabricator creates custom-made motor mounts for the 2012 Street Rodder Road Tour vehicle.

TIG Welding Aluminum Part 4: How to Introduce Filler Metal

Learn more about proper TIG welding techniques to achieve the best results when welding aluminum.

TIG Welding Aluminum Part 3: Puddle Control Tips

Learn some other basic tips to help you maintain puddle width and consistency — for quality results when TIG welding aluminum.

TIG Welding Aluminum: AC Balance Control

Proper AC Balance settings are critical to weld performance, quality, and tungsten life when TIG Welding.

TIG Welding Aluminum Part 2: Hand Movement Tips

Use these basic tips for practicing hand and torch movements for TIG welding without striking the arc.

TIG Welding Aluminum Part 1: How to Hold the Torch

Learn about proper puddle control in aluminum TIG welding, and some of the common mistakes that welders make with aluminum.

Bodie Stroud Talks Tips and Techniques for Welding Jigs for Control Arms

Bodie Stroud of B.S. Industries shares tips and techniques for welding jigs for control arms using the Syncrowave® 210 TIG welder.

TIG Welding Sheet Metal Techniques With Bodie Stroud

Learn some techniques for TIG welding sheet metal, which requires properly controlling heat and preventing warpage.

TIG welding a transmission stand torch selection tungsten preparation and gas lens tips

Chris Jarmin of Eliminator Kustoms walks through the steps to fabricate a transmission stand using the Diversion™ 180 TIG Welder.

Bentley Garner Shares Tips for Successfully Welding Chromoly Tube

Bentley Garner gives step-by-step instructions and tips on chromoly tube welding, using the Multimatic™ 215 multiprocess welder.

TIG Welding Aluminum: AC Frequency Control

Learn how to adjust AC frequency to gain greater arc puddle control when TIG welding aluminum on Miller Maxstar or Dynasty TIG welders .

Avoid Common TIG Welding Problems with a Dynasty TIG Welder

John Marcella of Marcella Manifolds discusses how he addresses weld aesthetics with the advanced capabilities of the Dynasty 350 AC/DC TIG inverter from Miller.

MIG Welding Techniques for Building a Mild Steel Roll Cage

Chris Jarman, owner of fab shop Eliminator Kustoms, shows how to weld a roll cage with a Millermatic® 212 Auto-Set™ MIG welder.

See Mike Finnegan Showcase the Multimatic 220 AC/DC Welder

Fabricator Mike Finnegan knows every project starts with the right tools. Tackle any job with the Multimatic® 220 AC/DC welder.

Make Switching Processes Easier With QuickTech Technology

With QuickTech™ technology on the new Multimatic® 220 AC/DC welder, you can seamlessly change processes automatically.

One Multiprocess Welder for Car Building and Fabrication

See what car building and fabrication industry influencers say about the all-in-one Multimatic® 220 AC/DC multiprocess welder.

Improve Your TIG Welding Technique With Pulsed TIG

TIG welding can be difficult to master. See how using pulsed TIG can help as you learn to add filler metal to the weld pool.

Brown Dog Welding: Tips for Beginner TIG Welders

Josh's tips include properly cleaning your material, prepping your tungsten and practicing stringers to improve your skills.

Dirty Power? Discover Auto-Line Power Management Technology

Maintaining arc consistency with dirty input power can be difficult. Auto-Line™ power management technology alleviates this issue.

All-in-one Multiprocess Welder is Easy to Set Up and Use

The Multimatic® 220 AC/DC multiprocess welder has industry-leading technology to make setup and use fast and easy for any process.

AC TIG, MIG and Stick Weld With One Powerful Machine

Get the freedom to weld any process — including AC and DC TIG, MIG, flux cored and stick — with the Multimatic® 220 AC/DC welder.

Auto-Line Technology Reduces Error and Maximizes Portability and Weld Quality

Wolfpack Motorsports relies on Auto-Line™ technology in their Dynasty® 280 DX for consistent welds around the shop.

Do It All With the Multimatic® 220 AC/DC Multiprocess Welder

Josh Welton, owner of Brown Dog Welding, explains the reasons why he loves his Miller® Multimatic 220 AC/DC multiprocess welder.

Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess welder MIG welds and TIG welds at J&J Auto Racing

The Multimatic 215 — featuring a color LCD screen and Multi-Voltage Plug — is ideal for many applications in the shop.

How to Repair an Upper Control Arm with a Welder/Generator

This welding project shows how to repair a truck’s upper control arm mount using a multiprocess welder and a welder/generator

New Multimatic 220 AC/DC: It Does, so You Can Too

The new Multimatic® 220 AC/DC can handle any job and lets you weld any process — AC/DC TIG, MIG, flux cored and stick.

Plasma Cutting FAQ with Metal Artist Stephen Christena

Metal Artist Stephen Christena of Midwest Metalworks answers some commonly asked plasma cutting questions.

Wolfpack Motorsports Uses Miller to Build Polaris RZR

The Wolfpack team needs reliable equipment to build vehicles and parts that can withstand high speeds, which is why they depend on Miller®.

Miller Dynasty TIG Welding Power Sources: No Compromises

Miller Dynasty TIG welding power sources have versatile operating parameters for strong, precise, beautiful welds.

Miller Multimatic 255: Built for Chassis Fabrication

The master fabricators at Roadster Shop rely on the Multimatic® 255 for MIG and TIG welding their in-demand chassis.

Short Arc to Pulsed MIG: Changing Processes With a Tap

Watch Roadster Shop fabricator Kellen Bain weld a spec Camaro chassis with the Multimatic® 255 multiprocess welder.

Easy Weld Process Changeover with the Multimatic 220 AC/DC

Roadster Shop fabricator Chris Bergadon demonstrates how he uses the Multimatic® 220 AC/DC to weld brake tabs to a chassis.

Adjust AC Frequency and Balance for Aluminum TIG Welding

Watch BarbieTheWelder demonstrate how easy it is to set up and use the Multimatic® 220 AC/DC multiprocess machine from Miller.

Optimize Your TIG Welding With Multimatic 220 AC/DC Welder

Get greater arc control and produce high-quality TIG welds with the advanced technology of the Multimatic® 220 AC/DC welder.

How to Get the Best Arc Start When Plug Welding Sheet Metal

Inverter technology provides a better arc start — and reduces burn through — when plug welding sheet metal or body panels.

Finetune Welding Arc Performance with Multimatic 215 Options

The versatile, easy-to-use Multimatic 215 multiprocess welder can MIG, TIG and stick weld, and it connects to 120 or 240-volt power.

Creating Something from Nothing is the Power of Welding for Bentley Garner

Bentley Garner loves to build and create just about anything. This welder/fabricator out of Salt Lake City uses Miller machines for all of his welding needs.

Fabricating a UMP Modified front and rear bumper

Students at the University of Northwestern Ohio discuss fabricating a modified front and rear bumper for a UMP Modified

Arc Academy Creates Coffee Table Using Miller MIG and TIG Welders

Steve demonstrates how to build a coffee table using a Millermatic 211 Auto-Set MIG welder and Diversion 180 TIG welder.

NASCAR Champion Bobby Allison Welds It All with Multimatic 215

NASCAR Hall of Famer Bobby Allison knows what it takes to compete — and win. That’s why he uses Miller’s Multimatic™ 215 multiprocess welder.

Inverter Technology Provides Best Arc Start for MIG Welding

See how the Multimatic® 220 AC/DC delivers positive arc starts to prevent burn through on body panel welding.

Kindig-It Design Uses Multimatic 215 to Do It All

To turn out custom auto designs and restorations for the show Bitchin’ Rides, the crew from Kindig-It Design needs welding equipment that does it all.

Arc Academy Makes Welding Accessible, Easy-to-Learn

In a partnership with Miller, Arc Academy offers multiple welding bays with easy-to-use welding machines designed for the hobbyist to semi-pro welder.

Get Amazing Arc Control and Easy Process Changeover with the Multimatic 215

Bentley Garner loves the Multimatic™ 215 multiprocess welder. This portable machine can switch from MIG, to TIG, to stick in a split, saving time and space.

Meet the Kindig-It Design Crew from Bitchin’ Rides

Turning autos into custom works of art is Kindig-It Design’s specialty. They rely on Miller® welding equipment, so they can build most anything.

Swap Your Grinder for a Miller Spectrum X-TREME Plasma Cutter to Save Time

Bentley Garner uses the Spectrum® 625 X-Treme™ Plasma Cutter for Gouging in his shop. Garner finds that using his plasma cutter is the more efficient solution.

Cotati Speed Shop: Episode 3.2 - Plasma Cutting Tips & Tricks by Miller

The cylinder rack will be housed in the '69 GMC Fleetside pick-up truck that Miller's working on for the upcoming 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour.

Should You Use Pulsed TIG Welding for Aluminum?

Pulsed TIG welding can provide better results with aluminum. Learn about the capabilities of the Multimatic 220® AC/DC welder.

TIG Welding Tips and Techniques

Product Manager, John Swartz, addresses some common questions we get at trade shows. Specifically; Torch Angle, Tungsten Grinding and Stainless Steel.

TIG Welding an Aluminum Fuel Cell

Miller TIG product manager John Swartz and fabricator Josh Rock TIG weld a "mock" aluminum fuel cell.

How to Build a Late Model Chassis

With the sub-chassis, front clip and roll cage welding complete, team Leavitt brings all three components together giving shape to the car.

How to TIG Weld 4130 Chromoly Tubing

Todd Bevis, chassis engineer, Cagnazzi Racing, discusses TIG welding 4130 chrome-moly tubing on an NHRA Pro Stock dragster.

Chassis, Sub-Frame & Lower Clip

Rodney Brooks continues fabrication on the lower rails of the chassis. 90% of the welding is completed before adding the cage and front clip.

TIG Welding Dragsters with Miller Dynasty TIG Welders

Cagnazzi Racing relies on Miller's Dynasty 200 TIG welder for precise TIG welding in the fabrication of NHRA Pro Stock dragsters.

Miller TIG Welders Start Welding Faster with Pro-Set

Available on the Syncrowave® 210 and Dynasty® TIG welders, the Pro-Set™ feature eliminates guesswork when setting weld parameters.

Fabricating an Upper Control Arm with ThorSport Racing, Part One

In part one of a two-part series, Buzz Johns of ThorSport Racing walks through the steps of fabricating an upper control arm.

How to Build a Car Bumper Using a TIG Welder

Watch motorsports professional Craig Curione build a bumper for his Can-Am car in his shop using the Syncrowave® 210 TIG welder.

Welding in Tight Spaces on ’32 Euro Coupe using Miller Weld-Mask and Diversion 180

Hollywood Hot Rods fabricator Sean welds in tight spaces on a ’32 Euro Coupe. For the project, he relied on the Diversion 180 TIG welder.

TIG Welding Body Panels with Detroit Speed

Detroit Speed & Engineering explains why they prefer to TIG weld body panels using Dynasty® TIG welders.

Cotati Speed Shop - Miller Use Diversion™ 180 to Create Aluminum Air Pan for '48 F1 Ford Pickup

Miller product manager John Swartz shares TIG welding techniques as he works on an aluminum air pan from Santa Rosa, Calif.-based Cotati Speed Shop.

TIG Welding Rear Suspension Pivot Box for Camburg Kinetik Series Trophy Truck

In this video, Jason Campbell welds a rear suspension pivot box for a Camburg Kinetik series trophy truck using the Dynasty 350 TIG welder.

Aluminum Cylinder Head Repair Using Miller Dynasty 350

Watch as Andy Weyenberg and Scott Duggins use the Dynasty 350 TIG welder to repair an aluminum cylinder head.

Pro Stock World Champ Relies on the Miller Diversion 180

Greg Anderson, four-time NHA Pro Stock world champion, relies on the versatile Diversion® 180 TIG welder to stay in the race.

How to Weld on an Engine Cylinder Head

Developing engines often require welding cylinder heads. Get some tips on how to weld casting on an engine cylinder head.

TIG Welding in the Field Requires Portability Flexibility

Motorsports professional Craig Curione uses Syncrowave® 210 TIG to build and restore side-by-side race cars because it offers lightweight portability.

Welding Package Tray to Roof Structure of ‘36 Packard using Miller Syncrowave 210

Hollywood Hot Rods fabricator Chris welds a package tray to the roof structure on a 1936 Packard. For this project, he relied on the Miller® Syncrowave® 210.

Notching Frame for Suspension Clearance using Miller Dynasty 350 DX TIG welder and Weld-Mask

Hollywood Hot Rods fabricator Sean Ramáge completes a frame repair to provide more suspension clearance.

The Fab School: TIG brazing Using Silicon Bronze

Silicon bronze was used in this application to minimize the heat input.

At Pure Vision, the Cars and People Are Anything but Ordinary

Pure Vision has become a world-renowned street machine fabrication shop, known for a very signature concept and build style.

TIG Welding Aluminum Tanks with the Miller Syncrowave 210

Andy Weyenberg and Joe Constance of Joes Racing Products use the Syncrowave 210 TIG welder to fabricate custom aluminum tanks.

Brown Dog Welding Builds Panic Attack Oil Tank Using Dynasty 200

Josh Welton of Brown Dog Welding and friend Keith Strong, owner of Ice Nine Group, have partnered up on a motorcycle build.

Rick's Restoration Relies on Miller Pro-Set Feature

Tyler Dale and the rest of the team at Rick’s Restoration utilizes the Pro-Set™ feature on their Miller® TIG welders in the shop.

How to Narrow a Steel Automotive Bumper Using a Miller Syncrowave 210

Troy Ladd and Paul Bosserman of Hollywood Hot Rods complete the custom bumper using the Syncrowave 210 TIG welder.

TIG Tips From Menzies Motorsports

See how Menzie’s lead race prepper welds a spare drive shaft mount to a truck using the Dynasty® 280 DX TIG welder.

NHRA Nitro Funny Car Driver Makes Repairs with Dynasty Welder

Tim Wilkerson, NHRA Nitro Funny Car driver depends on the Miller® Dynasty® series TIG welders for welding repairs in the shop and at the race track.

Attaching a Reluctor Wheel to Crankshaft With Pulsed TIG

Learn how to weld a reluctor wheel to a crankshaft using pulsed TIG on the Dynasty 400 TIG welder.

Choosing a TIG Welder — Learn More About the Syncrowave 210

If you’re in the market for a new TIG welder, an inverter-based Syncrowave® 210 provides AC TIG for welding aluminum and a spool gun accessory.

TIG Welder is Critical to Car Restoration for Ray Evernham

Ray Evernham, a NASCAR Hall of Fame crew chief and car owner, has a long career in racing. Through the years, he’s always relied on Miller® welders.

Overview of Pure Vision's Twin Turbo Camaro Build

Located in Simi Valley, Calif., Pure Vision has become a world-renowned street machine fabrication shop, known for a very signature concept and build style that can be described as simple, straightforward and well-detailed. In this video, shop owner Steve Strope shares a quick overview of the Twin Turbo Camaro build that the shop is currently working on.

How to Repair an Aluminum Oil Pan with the Syncrowave 210

Oil pan repair is a common repair that can be fixed with TIG welding. Learn how to repair an oil pan with a TIG welder.

Fabricating an Upper Control Arm with ThorSport Racing, Part Two

Buzz Johns of ThorSport Racing demonstrates the welding portion of the fabrication process, using the Dynasty 200 TIG welder. Missed part one?

How to Weld Different Metal Thicknesses Together

Peter Torres from BS Industries shows how to weld steel of various thicknesses together using his Miller® TIG welder.

Chris Razor Discusses Advanced AC TIG Welding Controls on Aluminum

Chris of Hi-Tech Welding shows advanced AC controls for welding aluminum, including independent amperage control, balance and frequency.

Water Pump Project: Welding Dissimilar Metals

Welding dissimilar metals can be tricky. See how to weld a 6061 tube to an A356 casting water pump for high temperature applications.

Syncrowave® 210 Product Overview

The easy-to-use Syncrowave® 210 provides legacy arc performance that allows you to expand your capabilities with an all-in-one package.

Dynasty® 210 Product Overview

Miller’s Dynasty® 210 is a portable AC/DC TIG and stick capable power source rated for ¼” thick material.

Benefits of frequency adjustment on aluminum using the Miller Dynasty 200 DX TIG welder

Miller Marketing Manager John and Pure Vision fabricator Aaron Cranford discuss modifications to the radiator in the Pure Vision TT Camaro.

How to MIG Weld a Lower Control Arm Assembly

Watch as Jason Campbell completes the lower control arm assembly using the Millermatic 212 Auto-Set MIG welder.

See How Kindig-It Design Uses Workhorse Millermatic 211

The Millermatic® 211 is known as the shop workhorse at Kindig-it because it’s reliable and powerful — making it perfect for welding jobs both big and small.

Push vs. Pull Methods in MIG Welding

Learn the difference between the push and pull techniques while MIG welding — and which is better for you and your application.

How to Create a Proper MIG Weld

Peter Torres from BS Industries demonstrates various weld passes on cold roll steel — a hot weld, a cold weld and a weld that is just right.

MIG Welding and Repairing a Rusted Front Fender at Honest Charley Garage

Fabricator Richard Marter of Honest Charley Garage offers step-by-step instructions on how to replace a rust-damaged section on a front fender.

How-to MIG weld a DIFF (differential) cover

Jon Ertmer of Miller and Fabricator James Schofield of Blue Torch Fabworks show you how-to weld up a DIFF (differential) cover.

Kindig-It Design Modifies a Hummer Bumper with the Millermatic 211

Watch this video to see the Kindig-It Design team modify a Hummer H2 bumper using a Millermatic® 211.

Common Causes of Weld Porosity and How to Fix Them

Have you ever experienced porosity or spatter in your welds? Peter Torres provides common causes of porosity and how to fix them.

Bodie Stroud Fine-tunes Arc With Millermatic 252 Welder

Fabricator Bodie Stroud relies on the Millermatic® 252 welder because it’s versatile and easy to adjust.

Leavitt Racing Components, Inc. Builds a Chassis for Charity: Roll Cage Fabrication

Leavitt Racing Components fabricators Rodney Brooks and Steve Leavitt Jr. discuss the fabrication details of MIG welding.

MIG Welding Custom Motor Mounts with the Millermatic 212

Richard of Honest Charley Garage describes the process of fabricating motor mounts for the Street Rodder Road Tour '51 Ford with the Millermatic 212 Auto-Set™.

Importance of Correct Tungsten Preparation

Miller Weld Technician explains the importance of correct tungsten preparation and demonstrates using both a tungsten grinder and traditional shop grinder.

Let the Brown Dog Weld: Metal Artist Josh Welton and His TIG Creations

Josh Welton is a welder by trade. He struck his first arc in November 2002, when he served as a millwright apprentice for Chrysler.

Chris Razor Discusses Advanced AC Controls, Trianglulated Waveform for TIG Welding

Chris Razor of Hi-Tech Welding discusses independent amperage, balance and frequency settings on his Dynasty 350.

Chris Razor of Hi-Tech Welding Discusses TIG Inverters

Listen to the advantages of TIG inverters: increased productivity, greater quality, greater energy efficiency, advanced controls.

Marcella Manifolds & TIG Welding Aluminum Manifolds

Owner of Marcella Manifolds discusses the evolution of GTAW welding, including the advanced AC TIG controls.

Accessories and Components to Help Solve Your Welding Problems

At Richard Childress Racing, fabricators address many welding challenges — just like you do in your shop or home garage.

Tips for Choosing the Right Welder for Your Application

It’s important to consider the input power available, material to be welded, and the prime window in which a specific machine operates best.

Jimmy Shine Builds on Southern California Hot Rod Tradition

With so many high-profile projects in the works, Jimmy Shine needs quality equipment to do a quality job. Shine has relied on Miller equipment since he was 13.

Welding Basics for Beginners

If you are a new or beginner welder, watch this video to learn about the three most common welding processes — MIG, stick and TIG — including the advantages and disadvantages of each, when it’s best to use each and what material can be used.