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Inspiring the next generation of welders.

Experience Next-Level Training with Miller® Augmented Reality Training Solutions

Inspire the next generation of welders and build a stronger welding workforce with MobileArcTM, Augmented Arc® and LiveArcTM Augmented Reality Training Systems. Welders of any skill level can train in an immersive and interactive environment and begin live welding faster and more efficiently than ever before.


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Students love these machines. I have students coming in, day after day, during study hall and just sitting and welding with the systems. Upper-level students are constantly going back and forth between machine and the shop to perfect their techniques.

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— Carla Carmody,  
Weld Instructor


Interact with our welding classroom, and learn how these training solutions can be an effective addition to your welding program in order to train and inspire the next generation of welders.

1. Standard Classroom Engage in dynamic classroom discussions with advanced teaching tools like OpenBook™.

2. Welding Classroom Implement training solutions and traditional welding to your program to save up to 60% on consumables and reduce training time by up to 65% per semester.

3. With augmented reality training systems, students emerge as stronger welders, needing fewer training hours and become more productive once they get into the welding lab.

4. Receive weld feedback as performance is scored, graphed and recorded for playback to help correct errors and reinforce proper welding techniques.

5. Locker Room Prepare for hands-on training and get outfitted in personal protective equipment.

6. Further your technique and save on consumable costs with Miller® LiveArc™.

7. Welding Lab Take your skills from the classroom into the welding lab.

8. Miller® FILTAIR® Centralized Fume Extraction Systems have multiple capture sources and are specifically customized to help mitigate weld fume particulate.

1. Standard Classroom Engage in dynamic classroom discussions with advanced teaching tools like OpenBook™.

Education Resources

Weld Lab Product Selector

Weld Lab Product Selector
Streamline your welding laboratory setup with ease using our product selector tool for the most suitable equipment options.

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Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources
Enhance your classroom with essential resources that support effective teaching and offer an engaging learning experience.

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FREE online learning management system with e-learning modules and weld lab activities specifically aligned with AWS SENSE standards.

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Explore opportunities to learn the trade, fund your education and shape a prosperous future.

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Grant Assistance Tool

Grant Assistance Tool
Boost your grant application for a better chance at securing additional classroom resources with our free tool.

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Student Safety Pack

Student Safety Pack
All-in-one discounted safety pack ensures students are prepared and outfitted with comfortable and fitted PPE.

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Weld Setting Calculators

Weld Setting Calculators
Achieve precision and efficiency in your welding process with our comprehensive weld setting calculators for MIG, TIG, Stick, and Flux-Cored welding techniques.

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System Software Updates

System Software Updates
Keep your system up-to-date and running smoothly with our latest software updates.

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