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Today’s Tool for Tomorrow’s Welders

With our MobileArc Augmented Reality Welding System, instructors can maximize efficiency in the classroom. That’s because students get an introduction to welding that’s intuitive, engaging and hands-on, letting them learn and work independently.

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a student using the mobile arc in a classroom

Get to the Next Level With MobileArc

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Versatile Mount

Can be used with the helmet or phone mount to adapt to learning preferences.

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Real-Time Feedback

As students perform a weld, they are guided with real-time feedback on their technique.

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Continuous Improvement

Performance is scored, graphed and recorded for playback.

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Portable, Lightweight Design

At only seven pounds, our MobileArc systems are easy to transport for remote learning and recruiting events.

See the System in Action

The MobileArc brings welding education into the modern age with immersive, interactive screens that carry students through the entire process — all while cutting down supply costs in the classroom.

Visual aids guide the user to achieve target parameters.

Watch How It Works

close up of a student using a mobilearc

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