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Miller Cares About Your Safety!

To help you stay accident free, we are giving you a wide variety of safety guidelines and resources. These guidelines are based on AWS, ANSI, NEMA, NFPA, and many other organizations that have your best interests in mind.

How do pros use their tools? Safely and carefully - by the book - every day! Use these resources to join the ranks of professional welders whose lives depend on the safe handling and use of welding and cutting equipment every working day! Your family will be glad you did.

Safety Precautions

These safety precautions contain the basic information needed to install, operate, maintain, and repair our equipment. They are short, direct, clear, and simple. These precautions are the backbone of every Owner's Manual we produce. They cover most hazards you may encounter and explain briefly how to avoid them. Included at the end of each is a list of safety references so you can find more complete information if you need it.

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