Centerpoint Arc Data Monitoring Software

Insight Centerpoint™ Arc Data Monitoring Software

Advanced, real-time operator feedback solution to prevent missed welds, enforce proper weld sequences and ensure consistent weld quality.

  • Streamline the welding workflow. Reduce training time by guiding operators through complicated weld sequences and alerting them to errors in real time.
  • Ensure quality welds. Monitor each weld for current, voltage, wire-feed speed, duration and gas flow (optional).
  • Detect welding mistakes. Help reduce costs by identifying missed or defective welds in real time. The earlier in the manufacturing process mistakes can be detected, the less it costs to fix. 

Cost of a Missed Weld or Defect

Welding and fabrication are complex processes. Even the best weld operators can benefit from assistance. With Insight Centerpoint, weld operators get immediate guidance and feedback. You'll get assurance that welds have been properly completed — and much more.

Part Tracking™

Complete control of the welding process, including a visual HMI/monitor that can guide an operator through a predetermined sequence of welds. Monitors current, voltage, wire-feed speed, duration and gas flow (optional) to help eliminate missed welds, over welding and under welding and ensure proper sequence control.


Total control of the fabrication process, including all types of non-welding work instructions. Embed images, video, audio and many other file types to help operators correctly fabricate weldments.

Integrated Reports

Preconfigured management charts and reports that provide a wide range of information about weld process, productivity and business metrics. This information is stored in an SQL server database, which contains data from multiple Insight Centerpoint sources.

Leverage Existing Investment

Local/Network Deployment With Insight Centerpoint™

Maximize the benefit by having a graphical HMI/monitor in each weld cell to provide instant feedback and assistance to the operator.