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Frequently Asked Questions


How is welding information different than arc data monitoring?

Arc data is only that: data in the form of numbers. Insight Core™ and Insight Centerpoint™ systems translate arc data automatically in real time, delivering actionable information you can use to make effective business decisions.

I already collect weld data. Why do I need another data-collection solution?

If you're collecting weld data manually, you know the process is time-consuming. It can also be prone to errors. It is difficult to capture all the information you need to identify opportunities for improvements in weld quality or productivity, and the information isn't delivered in real time. Manually collected weld data also needs to be compiled, interpreted and analyzed before decisions can be made. Insight Core and Insight Centerpoint can eliminate these pain points.

What's the difference between Insight Core™ and Insight Centerpoint™?

Insight Core is focused on providing information about basic productivity and weld parameters. Insight Centerpoint brings advanced process control information into the actual weld cell to help manage the welding and fabrication process. Some manufacturers benefit from a combination of both Insight Core and Insight Centerpoint.

Do I need to purchase a new power source to use an Insight system?

No. Miller® MIG 14-pin compliant power sources can be connected to Insight Core using field upgrade modules, or you can purchase Miller ArcAgent™ modules to bring Insight Core or Insight Centerpoint capability to your entire fleet — even if it includes non-Miller power sources.

Do I need to install special software to use an Insight system?

Insight Core requires no software: This system securely delivers information and reports to virtually any internet-enabled device in the world, including tablet computers and smartphones. Insight Centerpoint has advanced welding and fabrication management processes that operate using dedicated PC software installed locally on the shop floor.

Who can see my company's data?

Only persons to whom you give login credentials can see the data. Insight systems require input of a valid username/password combination before access to data is granted.

How secure is my data?

Insight Core data is held securely in a Microsoft data center. This data center has ISO 27001-2005 accreditation with backup power generation capability and co-location redundancy. Insight Centerpoint data is stored on customers' on-site computers.

Is there a subscription fee for Insight Core™?

Insight Core doesn't require any subscription fees to access its cloud-based data storage, which maintains a rolling 90-day window of data.