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Tregaskiss® Automation MIG Guns and Reamers

Tregaskiss® Air-Cooled MIG Guns

Fully configurable TOUGH GUN® TA3 and CA3 robotic air-cooled MIG guns are engineered for robustness, resilience and repeatability in high-volume, multi-shift production environments. Maintenance downtime is minimized through features that allow fast and easy component replacement with little to no impact on Tool Center Point (TCP).


  • Internal to the robot arm
  • A complete package from the power pin to the contact tip — for ABB®, KUKA®, Motoman®, OTC Daihen®, Panasonic®, COMAU®, Kawasaki® and FANUC® robots
  • Precision-engineered keyway system ensures accurate alignment and quick replacement
  • Durable neck clamp provides consistent clamping force for repeatability and Tool Center Point accuracy
  • 350 amp at 100% duty cycle with mixed gases
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  • External to the robot arm
  • Replaceable conventional unicable design offers extended service life and ease of serviceability
  • Precision-engineered keyway system ensures accurate alignment and quick replacement
  • Re-engineered neck clamp improves durability and consistency of clamping force
  • 385 amp at 100% duty cycle with mixed gases
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Tregaskiss®Fixed Automatic MIG Guns

Tregaskiss fixed automatic MIG guns are engineered for hard tooling applications requiring a simple, durable and repeatable MIG gun. These automatic torches can be configured with the same consumables as your Bernard® semi-automatic or Tregaskiss robotic MIG guns to simplify your inventory.

MA1 Fixed Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Guns

  • Available in 385-amp models
  • Spring-guard strain relief prevents kinking and abrasion
  • Air-cooled neck is made from aircraft-grade aluminum
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MW1 Fixed Automatic Water-Cooled MIG Guns

  • Available in 500- and 600- amp models
  • Spring-guard strain relief prevents kinking and abrasion
  • Water-cooled neck is made from stainless steel and is silver brazed and leak tested
  • 600-amp water-cooled model has a thread-on heavy duty nozzle
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AW2 Fixed Automatic Water-Cooled MIG Guns

  • Available with or without a cable in 600-amp models
  • Power cable equipped guns are available in lengths of 3 to 25 feet in 1/2-foot increments
  • Internal threaded connections stay tight inside the anti-vibration compression fit body for good electrical connectivity and longer life
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AccuLock™ R Consumables

AccuLock™ R consumables are designed for increased tip life, which reduces replacement frequency and related downtime. Plus, AccuLock HDP contact tips can increase life by an additional 10x or more in pulse welding applications. The longer lifespan of AccuLock contact tips means fewer human interactions within your welding cells and fewer accidental errors as a result.

With contact tip cross-threading issues also virtually eliminated, you’ll spend less time troubleshooting and more time on proactive weld quality and productivity initiatives. 

In most cases, your current tip and diffuser can be replaced with no impact to Tool Center Point (TCP), making this upgrade low effort, low risk, and high payoff. AccuLock R consumables can also be used across all your semi-automatic, robotic and fixed automatic MIG guns.

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Tregaskiss® Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Stations

New TOUGH GUN® TT4A (Analog) and TT4E (Ethernet) nozzle cleaning stations power through the toughest spatter with a .95HP motor and 236 lbs. of lifting force at 95 psi.  Automated cleaning improves gas flow for reduced weld porosity, rework and scrap in robotic applications.

Keep your welding operation up and running for extended periods of time with high performance components:

  • Powerful, lubricated motor lasts up to 18M cycles at 80+ psi
  • Durable valves and cylinders rated for 10M+ cycles
  • Wire cutter can run 1M+ cycles without requiring maintenance

New standard features reduce maintenance downtime, safety incidents and costly weld defects related to anti-spatter:

  • New larger capacity anti-spatter reservoir with tethered cap and easy clean filter
  • New low fluid level indicator sends a signal to the PLC/robot when anti-spatter is running low
  • New spray containment unit reduces slip/trip accidents and reduces cleaning downtime costs

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