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Components & Accessories

Everything you Need for Automation Success

Our portfolio of automation products includes Miller® power sources and accessories, complete automated MIG welding systems, Hobart® filler metals, and Tregaskiss robotic guns, reamers, and TOUGH LOCK consumables — everything you need to speed up your weld processes, reduce spatter, achieve better arc starts, improve cycle time, increase machine utilization and more.

Power Sources & Complete Systems Guns & Reamers Filler Metals Welding Intelligence FILTAIR® Weld Fume Extractors


Power Sources and Complete Systems

Industry-leading power sources and automated MIG welding systems support robotic applications with exceptional arc performance and weld quality.

Guns and Reamers

Precise, customizable Tregaskiss robotic guns and reamers deliver robust, resilient, repeatable performance — even in the toughest automation applications.

Filler Metals

From reduced spatter to faster travel speeds, Hobart offers filler metal solutions for unmatched performance and productivity in welding automation applications.

Welding Intelligence

Transform data into actionable information that drives continuous improvement.

FILTAIR® Weld Fume Extractors

Designed specifically for welding, FILTAIR systems draw fumes away from workers and keep your facility clean.