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FILTAIR® 4000, 230V (10HP), Front Inlet

The Industrial Centralized Series are part of an engineered fume extraction system designed for multiple capture sources which require ducting and accessories to complete the system. Ideal for manufacturing — handheld and automation, fabrication shops and training facilities.

FILTAIR® 4000, 230V (10HP), Front Inlet

FILTAIR® 4000, 460 V (10 HP)

FILTAIR 6000, 230V (10HP)

FILTAIR® 6000, 460 V (15 HP)

FILTAIR® 6000, 230 V (15 HP)

FILTAIR® 8000, 460 V (20 HP)

FILTAIR® 12000, 460V (30 HP)


What's Included

  • FilTek XL Filter
  • Top or Front Air Inlet
  • Indoor or Outdoor Mounting (Note: outdoor models are wind load and seismic rated and include remote-mounted control box and optional weather hood.)
Smaller Footprint than Traditional Systems
65% smaller than traditional cartridge filter collectors, taking up less shop, roof or outdoor space.
Quiet Operation
An integrated silencer housing minimizes fan and motor noise making the unit up to 75% quieter, for a safer more productive work environment.
Efficient Design
Dirty air gets pulled down into the filter area which deposits fume particulate on the surface of the filter and into the 22 gallon particulate bin.
Smaller Size and Fewer Filters
One FilTek XL filter replaces up to three cartridge-style filters increasing efficiency, reducing extractor size, and lowering operational costs.
Longer Filter life
Is a result of the Linear Jet Automatic Cleaning System which delivers cleaning air in straight line paths through the filter media and easily pulses weld particulate off of the surface-loaded filter media. Easier cleaning results in longer filter life, better suction and better efficiency.
FilTek® XL Filter Technology
FilTek XL Filter Technology is specifically designed for welding fumes. This technology offers a longer filter life - up to 2 times that of treated cellulous filters and superior filtering of up to 95% of weld fume particulate.
MERV 15 Filter Rating
Filters are rated on a MERV scale, which measures filter efficiency based on particle count. MERV ratings range from 1-16, with 16 being the best at filtering small particles-such as those found in weld fumes.
Maintenance Free
Premium high-efficiency motor with direct drive blower eliminates bearings and belts and ensures vibration free operation.  Located in clean air maximized life.
Strong Structure
Strong 3/16-inch to 12-gauge, all-welded steel structure compliant with IBC2006
24 VDC Motor Start/Stop Feedback Relay
Allows an external signal to automate the remote start of the collector fan from other equipment.
Filter Access Bay
Provides easy access to filter packs for toolless removal and installation.
Integrated Electronic Controls
Control panel manages all of the collector functions, including the fan, the filter differential, and the pulse cleaning system.



Flux Cored (FCAW)
Stick (SMAW)

General Specifications

Title FILTAIR® 4000, 230V (10HP), Front Inlet
Warranty 2 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty