FILTAIR® 130 FilTek™ XL Filter

FILTAIR® 130 FilTek™ XL Filter

Designed specifically to capture weld fume particles, FilTek™ XL filters out-filter, outperform and outlast all the rest.

FILTAIR® 130 FilTek™ XL Filter

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Designed Specifically for Weld Fume
The filter is the heart of the fume extraction system. Our filters are designed to capture submicron particles found in welding. Up to 95% of weld fumes are submicron in size - reinforcing the importance of using a Miller® FILTAIR weld fume extractor to capture particles that others miss.
MERV 15 Filter Rating
Filters are rated on a MERV scale, which measures filter efficiency based on particle count. MERV ratings range from 1-16, with 16 being the best at filtering small particles such as those found in weld fumes.
Surface Loading Design
FilTek™ XL filters surface-load, so they are easy to clean, resulting in filters that last up to two times as long as treated cellulose filters. FilTek™ XL high air volume filters are made up of a durable substrate with an engineered fiber designed to capture the smallest weld fume particles, while maintaining the highest level of efficiency. The advanced FilTek™ XL filter media design improves weld fume capture, resulting in a cleaner work space.
Ultra Efficient
FilTek™ XL technology is ultra-efficient, which results in lower operating costs and longer lasting, stronger suction power for a cleaner work space.


General Specifications

Title FILTAIR® 130 FilTek™ XL Filter
Net Width 8.58 in
Net Height 12.75 in
Net Length 8.58 in
Net Weight 2.82 lbs
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty