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Jetline® Fixed Welding Automation

Where precision, quality and speed converge

A Pioneer of Automated Welding Progress

Jetline is our brand of automated seam/circumferential welding systems that offer flexible solutions to maximize productivity for high-integrity welds. These systems bring a number of key advantages to any business.

turnkey solutions

Turnkey systems
Complete solutions that are quicker to set up, easier to integrate and all from a single-source supplier.


retrofit solutions

Retrofit solutions
Cost-effective solutions that extend the useful life of existing equipment.



Robust, reliable designs
High-precision travel and positioning results in consistent weld accuracy, reducing risk.


installation time

Proven bolt-on controllers and accessories
These standard options are flexible and adaptable to your business’s needs.


Solutions That Don't Stop

No matter the job or application, Miller has the right welding equipment for you. Explore our complete selection of welding equipment, including pwoer sources, plasma cutters, oxy-fuel outfits, training solutions and welding automation systems.