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Jetline® External Seam Welders

The linear welding speed and precision you depend on, both for today’s needs and for the future’s, enabling high-volume cylinder production, joining thin-gauge metal, welding coiled sheets and more.





Bench Style


LW Series
Jetline LW Series External Seam Welders are designed for external welds on cylinders and flat sheets.

LW Series Seam Welders are available in three levels of accuracy to optimize your seam welding application:
  • LWS - Standard
  • LWP - Precision
  • LWX - Extra-Precision
3 Year Warranty
Jetline systems are covered by our three-year limited warranty.
Copper tip clamping fingers
Copper tipped, aluminum hold down fingers are standard on all Jetline Seam Welders, The copper tipped hold down fingers assist in the chilling the weld joint. Copper tooling absorbs and dissipates heat through the use of additional thermal mass, operating under pressure against the work piece.
Back-up insert
Inserts are quickly and easily interchanged into the Backup Mandrel to accommodate a variety of material types and thicknesses. Copper inserts dissipate heat generated during the welding process.

Additional inserts are available to cover a wide range of material types and thicknesses.

Inserts are available with or without gas back-up capabilities.
Back-up Mandrel
Designed to support the part being welded and hold the back-up inserts.

Droop mandrels are available to ease loading and unloading of parts.

Optional Water cooled mandrels are available.
Fixed and removable riser options
Seam welder base can me modified to accommodate larger diameter parts.
Multiple Control System Options
Jetline Seam welders are available with 9900 Series computer based or 9700 Series micro-processor based controllers to meet your application requirements.



Submerged Arc (SAW)

General Specifications

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