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Jetline® Arc Length Control

Jetline® arc length controls, cold/hot wire feeders, oscillators and seam trackers are designed to integrate perfectly into Jetline longitudinal seam welders and circumferential welders.

Arc Length Control

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9790 Arc Length Control
9790 Arc Length Control provides superior performance and user friendly operation.

Features include:
  • 4 Line backlit LCD display.
  • Intuitive "touch pad" arrows for operation.
  • Electrical touch retract allows starting gap to be automatically preset for every weld.
  • Compatible with AC & DC welding.
Arc Length Control Actuator
Rugged servo driven motor slide built for years of trouble free operation. Standard stroke is 6 in, other lengths are available.
3 Year Warranty
Jetline systems are covered by our three-year limited warranty.
Consistant Weld Penetration
With a Jetline arc length control system, you can quickly turn out high quality welds on uneven and out-of-round surfaces.
Automatic Gap Settings
The arc length control incorporates an electronic system to automatically set the starting arc gap.
Electrode Compensation
Compensates for electrode eroding during welding to maintain desired arc length.
Regulation of welding voltage for precise, repeatable procedures.
Simplified Operation
Easy to setup and operate for part variations. Requires minimal operator intervention.
High Travel Speed Operation
Provides consistent performance and results in high weld travel speeds.
Remote Pendant Control
Optional remote pendant provides tethered connection to Arc Length Control




General Specifications

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