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  1. Jetline® Arc Length Control

    Jetline Arc Length Control maintains a constant preset arc length by controlling arc length via control of the arc voltage in TIG (GTAW) or Plasma (PWA) welding applications.
  2. Jetline® Cold Wire Feeder

    Jetline cold wire feeder is primarily used for Automated gas tungsten arc welding (TIG) and plasma arc welding (PAW) to add "fill" to a weld joint. They can also be used in other applications where a controlled feed of wire is required.
  3. Jetline® Tactile Seam Tracking Systems

    Jetline® Tactile Seam Tracking Systems simplify welding operation, be ensuring the weld head is consistently positioned for optimal arc performance
  4. Jetline® Hot Wire Feeder

    The hot wire process is used in applications where a high deposition of the filler wire is desired. It is used primarily with the GTAW (TIG) or the PAW (Plasma) welding process. The HWP-50F is capable of controlling both hot and cold wire feed.
  5. Cyclomatic® Magnetic Oscillator

    Cyclomatic® Magnetic arc controls can provide even heat distribution, prevent undercutting, eliminates excessive porosity, ensures sufficient penetration, and evens out the weld puddle for TIG (GTAW) and Plasma Arc Welding (PAW).
  6. Jetline Mechanical Oscillator System

    Jetline® Mechanical Oscillators

    Oscillating the arc can help with sidewall fusion, eliminates undercut, and is required when preforming most overlay and cladding operations.

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