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Hobart® Filler Metals

Hobart formulates every filler metal to produce the most consistent, best-quality results. Our filler metal solutions are backed by exceptional technical support as well as deep industry knowledge and experience. 

Filler metal solutions for welding automation include:

FabCOR® F6 metal-cored wire

Designed especially for automated welding on galvanized steel used in automotive manufacturing, this wire significantly increases travel speeds compared to solid wire, welding up to 40 inches per minute. Greater deposition rates and improved penetration — along with less sub-surface porosity, burn-through and spatter — improve quality and productivity.

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FabCOR® Matrix™ metal-cored wire

This revolutionary wire has been designed to provide maximum performance in welding automation applications, particularly high-volume heavy equipment manufacturing. Featuring a special formulation that provides uncompromised arc starting and wire-feeding consistency, this wire has been shown to extend the life of robotic gun liners and to help eliminate buildup at the drive rolls.

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For a complete offering of Hobart filler metals, please visit HobartBrothers.com.