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Easy Welding With Robots

Welding with robots doesn’t need to be complex. Watch this video to see how easy welding with robots can be!

Hercules™ High-Deposition MIG Welding System

Get deposition rates that are up to 30% or higher than competing systems, so you can get up to 30% or higher throughput.

Robotic Welding_PerformArc


Operator makes adjustments with a tablet screen in a robotic weld cell

Thinking About Automation in Your Welding Process? Get Started With 4 Questions

Is automation the right fit? Consider these four questions and learn more about automation system options for manufacturing.
Operator sets up a robotic welding cell

How Can Manufacturers Become More Agile in a Post-COVID-19 World?

Manufacturers face additional challenges in today’s environment. Learn about three factors to help optimize operations.
Robotic welding application

Optimize Robotic Welding Cells by Reducing Secondary Circuit Wear

Learn more about robotic welding cell best practices — and secondary circuit technology — that keep operations optimized.