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Miller® Laser Solutions

Welding with the power of light

Customizable Laser Welding Systems

If conventional welding techniques don’t deliver the processing speed, low distortion and improved material properties you need, laser welding can be the ideal solution. It supports multiple applications and provides significant benefits:

•   More targeted heat input provides solutions in thin materials

•   Access solutions for weldments with tight geometries

•   Up to 10 times faster processing speeds

•   Greatly reduced distortion 

The Miller Laser Group Difference

The Miller laser welding team combines years of industry experience with a strong comprehension of high-powered laser material processing. With one laser lab focused on customer applications and the other on research and development, we’re ready to meet your needs today — and tomorrow.

  • Access to advanced material analysis equipment
  • Each lab outfitted with multiple high-powered laser sources and optic configurations

Our Solution Includes: