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Robotic Welding Systems

The all-in-one automation solution

Start Using Your New Automation System Faster

PerformArc robotic welding systems make adding an automated weld cell to your operation quick and simple. You don’t need previous automation experience to get started — and once a PerformArc system is up and running, Miller welding and service specialists are available 24 hours a day to help keep it that way.

The PerformArc difference

Everything you need for automated welding is included in a PerformArc system — and you don’t have to wait long before enjoying its many benefits:

Fast installation. Pre-assembled and pre-wired, PerformArc systems are installed quickly, reducing installation costs. Single power/air connections simplify the setup process, minimizing downtime so you can start using your new robotic welding system faster. These advantages are realized on initial installations and future moves — reducing the overall cost of ownership.
Low total cost of ownership. PerformArc systems require little maintenance. Their rugged construction helps prevent expensive repairs and costly downtime.
Operator and cell protection. Every PerformArc system includes multiple features to protect operators and equipment — and increase cell uptime.
Lower risk. Your new PerformArc system is a proven solution that’s backed by 24/7/365 support. Our optional Smart Start program provides your team with the knowledge to make your implementation a success.
Increase productivity. Let your operators run automated weld cells and they’ll be three times more productive than when they were welding manually.