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Axcess® E with Insight™ Delivers What No Other Welding Power Source Can

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Don't just monitor production data, use Insight to provide the information that will create the knowledge you need to improve your welding operation on many levels. When combined with the power of Ethernet connectivity, Miller's Axcess E with Insight provides a comprehensive welding information system.

View Video View Video Detect Missing Welds

Insight Centerpoint™ has the ability to help identify missing welds and reduce costly mistakes.

View Video View Video Detect Under and Over Welding

Insight Centerpoint™ detects both under and over welding to identify possible failed parts and costly waste of filler metals and gas.

View Video View Video Detects Potential Weld Defects

Insight Centerpoint™ detects potential weld defects and identifies them to be inspected and annotated.

View Video View Video Welding in Correct Sequences

The HMI guides the operator through a step-by-step sequence to insure components are welded to proper procedures and also shortens the learning curve for new operators.

View Video View Video Track Weld Cell Downtime

Insight Centerpoint™ can track common reasons for weld cell downtime. This information can be used to drive continuous operational improvements.

View Video View Video 'Totalizing' Use & Activity

History View provides valuable information to track parts and welds, along with totalization of arc time, wire & gas usage, downtime, and deposition.

View Video View Video Historical Weld Data Linkage & Storage

Insight Centerpoint's™ relational database provides a permanent record of parts and welds produced, including weld signatures, weld report information and annotations for historical weld records.

View Video View Video Determine Production Costs

Helps determine the cost of welding components and facilitates the evaluation of improvements made in the welding process.

View Video View Video Monitor the Axcess® E

Web browser interface with the Axcess E allows authorized employees to change configurations, check settings, define programs, update firmware, monitor basic functions, troubleshoot the system, and much more.

View Video View Video Management Report Capabilities

Insight Reporter™ provides preconfigured management reports and information that fuels continuous improvement and collects data from the entire fleet of Axcess® E systems through a Microsoft SQL database.

View Video View Video Multiple Deployment Options

Axcess® E with Insight™ can leverage the power of factory networking or it can function in a standalone mode, depending on user preference.

View Video View Video HMI Overview

Insight Centerpoint™ HMI provides an easy and intuitive way for operators to interface with the monitoring system.  Visual interface provides step-by-step procedures, resulting in improved productivity and quality.