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Take Idle Off Your Truck. New EnPak A30GBW: The capabilities you need without idling your truck engine. Learn More.
Eliminate Tier-4 Idling. Reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs. Learn How.
Cluttered, Overweight Trucks Underperform. Reduce risks to safety and profit with a lighter, cleaner work truck. Learn How.
Extend Utility Truck Chassis Life. See how EnPak systems improve fleet performance and efficiency. Watch Now.
Ready for Tough Welding Jobs. Big Blue 600 Air Pak: Capabilities and quality you only find in blue. Watch Now.
Go all in with an All in One. New Bobcat AirPak Diesel. Learn More

Ready for Anything

Work trucks are critical to your operation. A truck that’s down or not carrying the right equipment can’t get the job done. The full line of Miller® work truck solutions means there’s a reliable engine-driven machine that can reduce unplanned downtime and provide power to efficiently tackle the tough jobs you face, day after day.

Our work truck solutions can improve your operation. Don't believe us? Just ask our team.


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Work Truck Knowledge Center

Learn How to Save Time and Money on Any Jobsite With a Welder/Generator

Save time and get work done faster on the jobsite with new technologies and Miller® welder/generator solutions.
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Engine-Driven Welder/Generators with Dual-Operator Capabilities Save Space and Fuel

A diesel engine-driven welder/generator with dual-operator capabilities is one tool that offers the versatility to help accomplish what you need to get done in today’s working environment.
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Southwest Welding Extends Run Times, Cuts Fuel Use Reduces Noise and Saves Space with the New Trailblazer 325 EFI with Excel Power

Mobile fabricator relies on versatility and efficiency of new engine-driven welder generator for structural, pipe and heavy equipment repair work.
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Electronic Fuel Injection Technology Improves Efficiency of Engine-Driven Welding Power Sources

Investing in an engine-driven welding power source with technology advancements can dramatically increase the return on investment, resulting in upgrades that pay for themselves in a short time.
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Stop Running Your Truck to Power Equipment: PTO vs. All-In-One Solutions

Learn more about the benefits of engine-driven all-in-one systems for work trucks and how they compare to PTO-driven machines.
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What’s Driving Up Costs for Your Utility Truck Fleet?

Utility and municipality trucks must be ready for anything. Unplanned downtime means lost time and money — and unhappy customers.
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How to Select the Right All-In-One Solution for Your Service Truck

All-in-one solutions deliver big benefits to utility and municipality truck fleets — with all the power you need in one machine.
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How to Avoid Work Truck Downtime Caused by DPF Regeneration

Less frequent engine regeneration helps you reduce downtime and keep working — saving time and money on your work truck.
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Cleaning Up Your Work Truck Can Impact the Bottom Line

There are many reasons that fleet managers and technicians should keep a work truck clean. Wear and tear, safety, and truck appearance can all impact a company’s bottom line.
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Wisconsin Contractor Saves Fuel Costs and Employee Time with New Miller Engine-Driven Welder/Generator

InterCon Construction in Waunakee, Wis., has seen two decades of steady growth as an underground utility contractor for gas and electric companies. With nearly 450 employees, InterCon has personnel working at more than 100 jobsites during the peak construction months of April to December.
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Versatile Work Truck Fleet Helps Freshour Precision Meet Customer Needs

A work truck needs the right tools to tackle any repair or emergency. For Freshour Precision, Miller welder/generators are key.
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An All-In-One Welder/Generator for Powering Jobsite Tools

To meet any jobsite demand, contractors and service truck operators need a welder/generator to power tools and save space.
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Decrease Tier 4 Engine Idle Time in Your Work Truck Fleet

Tier 4 regulations have meant big changes for work truck fleets. Learn more about solutions that help reduce truck downtime and costs.
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How Are Changing Emissions Standards Affecting Your Work Truck Fleet?

As the work truck industry looks to meet changing standards, learn more about solutions to help save fuel and decrease emissions.
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Turning Service Truck off Turns on Savings

Heavy equipment service mechanic switched to an EnPak® all-in-one solution to reduce fuel usage, engine idle hours and more.
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Heavy Equipment Dealer Reduces Truck Engine Idle Time With Work Truck Solution

Service truck fleet decreases fuel use and maintenance, saves truck space, and reduces costs with EnPak® all-in-one.
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Reduce Work Truck Battery Worries and Engine Idling With Chassis Power

Technicians can turn off their truck engines and still get the power they need for laptops, tools and lights on the jobsite.
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4 Must-Dos to Winterize Your Welder/Generator

Learn the proper maintenance needed to prepare your gas engine welder/generator for the winter months.
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Trailblazer® 302 and Bobcat 250 Welding Generators Power Polyethylene Pipe Fusion Machine for M.T. Deason

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s Trailblazer® 302 and Bobcat 250 welding generators power polyethylene pipe fusion machine for utility products specialist M.T. Deason; provides enough power to run power tools and provides excellent Stick welding arc qualities for welding steel pipe.
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Regular Maintenance Optimizes Performance of Work Truck Solutions

Maintenance is critical to keeping a work truck solution running optimally. Consider these tips to get the most out of your EnPak®.
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The Secret to Long Engine Life: Advice from the Experts on Maintaining Your Welder Generator's Gas Engine

Industry Experts Mike Trinkner (Miller Electric Mfg. Co.) and Jeff Gruell (Kohler Co.) discuss the best practices for extending the life of, and achieving optimal performance from, your engine-driven welder generator.
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Want to Optimize Engine Drive Performance? Compare the Technologies

Technology can make life easier on the jobsite, but which option best meets your needs? Learn more about technology features.
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How Do Work Truck Telematics Benefit Fleet Managers?

Hear from work truck professionals about how they use telematics to capture and analyze data to optimize fleet performance.
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Are These 5 Field Welding Problems Costing You?

Your welding setup may be driving habits that cost time and money. Could you benefit from a different welding solution?
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Learn More About Engine-Driven Welding Solutions for Heavy MRO Trucks

Welder/generators tailored for Class 5 to Class 7 MRO trucks can deliver reliability and help improve productivity.
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5 Tips to Improve Work Truck Fleet Ergonomics

Work truck design affects productivity, access and service tech comfort. Consider these tips before specifying your next truck.
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How to Make the Case for Your Fleet Budget to Key Stakeholders

It may take some work to convince the rest of the organization that investing in a premium product is the best solution. Here’s how.
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How Using PTO Equipment on Your Work Truck Costs You in the Long Run

Do you know how much money you’re spending to maintain the status quo with a power take-off system?
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5 Tips to Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

You can’t control the price of fuel, but you can make sure your service technicians and trucks use fuel more efficiently.
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Beyond Sticker Price: How to Track Work Truck Total Cost of Ownership

Understanding the total cost of ownership over the life of the asset is not simple, but it’s worth the exercise.
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Troubleshoot Pneumatic Tool Problems With These Tips

Having problems with pneumatic tool performance? Get answers to common questions about tool moisture, slow performance and more.
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Preventive Maintenance Schedule Shortened for EnPak® A60 Work Truck Solutions

The recommended engine oil change interval was shortened from 400 to 200 hours for Miller® EnPak A60 work truck solutions.
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Save $2,500 Within Warranty — Only With a Trailblazer® Welder/Generator

Trailblazer® welder/generators have exclusive technologies to save you up to $2,500 on fuel within the three-year warranty period.
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Bobcat™ or Trailblazer® Welder/Generator: Find the Right Solution for You

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Work Truck Telematics Solutions Can Help Maximize Fleet Productivity

The right telematics system helps get to the bottom of issues like unexpected maintenance, high idle time and excessive fuel use.
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New Speed-Governing Tech for Engine-Driven Welder-Generators Improves Fuel Efficiency and is Quieter

The welder/generators in this engine category will idle when there is no load applied to the engine and ramp up to a full speed of 3,600 rpm when any load is applied, no matter how much power is actually needed.
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Take Idle off Your Truck With the EnPak A30 Power System

Reduce idle time on your truck by up to 75 percent and provide technicians with the power they need to get jobs done.

Bobcat 200 Air Pak Diesel: Go All in With an All-In-One

Consolidate equipment and reduce fuel consumption on your work truck with the new all-in-one Bobcat™ 200 Air Pak Diesel unit.

Welding Technology Saves Time on the Jobsite

Miller® ArcReach® technology helps save significant time for M&M Welding, since welders can adjust parameters at the weld joint.

California Welding Operation Relies on ArcReach Technology

ArcReach® technology lets welders adjust parameters at the weld joint, reducing trips to the power source and enhancing safety.

Miller® Remote Solutions: Redefine Where You Work

Redefine where you work with new Miller® remote solutions for Bobcat, Trailblazer and Big Blue welder/generators!

Reduce Jobsite Footprint with Convenient Miller Welder Generator Solutions

An all-in-one engine-driven welder/generator solution from Miller can deliver the tools and capabilities for whatever the jobsite demands.

M&M Welding Saves Time and Money With ArcReach® Technology

M&M Welding relies on ArcReach technology to complete jobs all over California for customers that demand efficiency and high-quality critical welds.

Video 2 of 2: Trailblazer Sound Reduction Increases Safety, Productivity for InterCon Construction

A quieter jobsite is a safer, more efficient place to work. Miller built the Trailblazer® to run up to 68% quieter than previous models.

Save Space on Work Trucks With Diesel All-In-One Solutions

Operators of class 3 to 5 service trucks can consolidate their power equipment with a fuel-efficient, all-in-one solution.

Company Decreases Fuel and Operation Costs with EnPak Power System for Work Trucks

To meet the wide variety of its customer needs, while also lowering fuel and operation costs, Butler Machinery decided to convert to EnPak® power systems.

Trailblazer 325 with Battery Charge/Jump Start Option

See the Trailblazer 325 EFI Battery Charge/Jump Start option – an add-on option Miller created to assist mechanics and fleet managers in the field.

EnPak: fully integrated power system for work trucks with air, auxiliary power, hydraulic capability

EnPak is a fully integrated power system for work trucks -- including bucket trucks -- with air, auxiliary power and hydraulic capability.

Video 1 of 2: InterCon Construction Increases Fuel Efficiency, Productivity with Trailblazer 325 EFI

To gain fuel efficiency and get more power and flexibility, InterCon transitioned to Miller Trailblazer 325 welder/generators with Excel™ power and EFI for their field trucks.

ArcReach Technology Helps Ensure Optimal Weld Settings

Easily set optional weld settings for any job at the wire feeder or remote with ArcReach® technology.

Repairing a Vacuum Tank Discharge Pipe

M&M Welding relies on the Trailblazer® 325 welder/generator to complete many welding jobs for customers all over California.

How to Set Up Your Miller Big Blue or Trailblazer Machine

Get started with your Miller Big Blue or Trailblazer engine-driven welder/generator in no time with these instructions.

Fuel Efficient Welding Equipment Keeps Noise Down

M&M Welding relies on Trailblazer 325 welder/generators with Auto-Speed™ technology to get the necessary power with less noise.

Remote Start/Stop on Bobcat™ 260 and Bobcat™ 225 Welder/Generators

Remote Start/Stop is standard on new Bobcat machines! They're easy to turn off when you're not using them, so you save money and reduce jobsite noise.

Run Jobsite Tools at Quiet, Fuel-Saving Idle Speed

Excel™ power lets you save refueling time and operating costs while running jobsite tools off one welder/generator.

New Trailblazer Welder/Generators from Miller Reduce Sound Output up to 68%

This sound reduction helps improve communication and improves the overall sound quality on site.

Trailblazer 325 Diesel is Kicking Diesel and Changing the Game

The Trailblazer 325 Diesel welder/generator delivers multiprocess welding capabilities and smooth generator power, with innovative technologies.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) in Bobcat™ & Trailblazer Welder/Generators

Miller and Kohler reps discuss electronic fuel injection in engine-driven welder/generators such as the Bobcat 250 and the Trailblazer 302.

Trailblazer 302 Air Pak Meets Critical Air Compressor Needs for Team Elmer's

To help meet the many repair and service needs in the field, Team Elmer’s relies on the all-in-one Trailblazer 302 Air Pak engine-driven welder/generator.

Trailblazer 302 Air Pak Maximizes Productivity and Provides Space Savings for Team Elmer's

To help meet the many repair and service needs in the field, Team Elmer’s of Traverse City, Michigan, relies on the Trailblazer 302 Air Pak.

Miller Fusion 160 Portable Welder/Generator

Stay productive with the Miller® Fusion 160 welder/generator. Portable. Stable stick arc. Adaptable. The Fusion 160 is ready, willing and able to work for you.

Miller Trailblazer Welder/Generator with Auto-Speed: More Productivity with Less Fuel and Less Noise

Miller-exclusive Auto-Speed technology helps extend runtimes.

Our work truck solutions can improve your operation. Don't believe us? Just ask our team.


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