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Any truck. Any job. Miller.

Your work truck can be prepared for anything with a Miller engine-driven solution. From electric and pneumatic power to welding and hydraulic capabilities, there’s a Miller machine that can help you get jobs done right, maximize available payload and even reduce fuel and maintenance costs.
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Choosing the best work truck solution

To select the right engine-driven solution, it’s important to fully understand all the jobs your work truck will need to support. Knowing specific needs for welding processes/amperage, generator power, pneumatic power, battery charging and hydraulic support will help you use the “Engine Drive Selection” link below to pick the Miller machine that’s right for you.



Pipeline Welder Gets Sneak Peek at New Dynamic DIG Technology

Local 798 Union pipeliner Tyler Sasse visited Miller to try out new Dynamic DIG technology.

Pipeline Welding Requires a Durable Machine

Pipeliners Local 798 Union welder Tyler Sasse knows he can rely on the Miller Big Blue 400 PipePro® for his demanding job.

Run Jobsite Tools at Quiet, Fuel-Saving Idle Speed

Excel™ power lets you save refueling time and operating costs while running jobsite tools off one welder/generator.

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Less frequent engine regeneration helps you reduce downtime and keep working — saving time and money on your work truck.