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Work Trucks

Any truck. Any job. Miller.

Welding and gouging. Powering electrical and pneumatic tools. Charging batteries, providing hydraulic power and more. For virtually every job your work truck will encounter, there's a Miller machine that can do that job. We've shown several work truck solutions here.

Advancements in engine drive technology

Whether you are looking to upgrade, or you are buying an engine-driven welder/generator for the first time, new advancements in technology will give you both the power and versatility you need to get most any job done.

As you consider different models, keep in mind how different outputs and options can add capabilities and functionality to your new machine.

 Product Considerations  Other Considerations
 Fuel Choice [PDF]  Air Capacity [PDF]
 Weld Output  Idle Reduction [PDF]
 Engine Speed [PDF]  Hydraulic Capacity (EnPak only) [PDF]
   Battery Charge/Jump Start [PDF]

Choosing the best work truck solution

With so many options, accessories and features, there is a lot to consider when choosing the best engine drive for your needs. Start by using the “Engine Drive Selection” link below to compare output, processes and generator power as well as consider any hydraulic or air capacity needs you may have to help maximize idle reduction for your truck.