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Lube Truck

Lube — Classes 5 to 8

Running multiple functions at once for preventive maintenance in the field requires enough electrical, air and hydraulic power to get the jobs done — meaning your truck engine is often idling or running at low rpm to power your tools. An all-in-one solution helps you reduce unnecessary truck engine runtime plus save time and money. The EnPak® A60 includes a rotary-screw air compressor, hydraulic pump and generator that are fully functional with the truck engine turned off.

Get a complete anti-idle system by pairing an EnPak A60 with CabEn™ Climate Solutions: heating and cooling systems that are integrated into truck cabs to control temperatures without running the truck engine.

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When paired with an EnPak®, CabEn™ Climate Solutions create a complete anti-idle system. You can control the cab temperature without running the truck engine to truly eliminate truck engine idling.

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