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Mechanic Truck

You’re running from job to job in the field, and each situation brings something different. You may need to switch between running a crane or an impact wrench to stick welding on the same call. Downtime is lost revenue, so repairs often need to be done as quickly as possible.

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Hydraulic Crane — Classes 5 to 7

When heavy equipment can’t be taken back to the shop for repair, the work must be done in the field. If you’re looking for a solution that reduces your operating costs and expands your capabilities, the EnPak® A60 can power your tools with the truck turned off. If you need more welding power, the Trailblazer® welder/generator lineup delivers unbeatable arc performance.

Electric Crane — Classes 3 to 5

When field equipment requires repair, you need enough power to efficiently tackle tough jobs and reliable equipment that helps you get your customers back to work. The EnPak A30 is an integrated all-in-one solution that provides air, electric power, battery charge and welding capabilities in one space-saving machine. For a standalone solution that delivers generator power and welding capabilities, look no further than the legendary Bobcat™ welder/generator.

Rail — Classes 5 to 7

Working on equipment in the field or on the railroad tracks themselves often requires greater welding capabilities and the power to run larger hydraulic tools. Robust, efficient solutions like Trailblazer and Big Blue® welder/generators provide the welding, air and electric power you need. If you also require hydraulic power, the EnPak A60 is an integrated solution with multiple capabilities in one machine that can help you reduce operating costs.

Weld — Classes 5 to 7

When you spend most of your time welding, turn to a solution designed and built for you. You need equipment that can keep up with your welding demands — while still delivering the necessary power to run large tools or arc gouge. Powerful Big Blue or Trailblazer welder/generators are your go-to options.