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Choosing the Right ArcReach® Products

The first step in building the perfect ArcReach system is selecting the ArcReach accessory (feeder or remote) that’s best for the jobs you do. After you’ve chosen the right ArcReach accessory, that will guide your selection of the appropriate ArcReach power source.

Multiprocess Welders with ArcReach® Technology

Developed to meet the demanding multiprocess needs of the construction industry, the XMT® 350 FieldPro™ family of machines and the Dimension™ 650 welder are ruggedly constructed to withstand harsh environmental conditions — and deliver the big output and precise arcs needed for challenging jobsite tasks.

Engine-Driven Welders with ArcReach® Technology

Trailblazer® and Big Blue® engine-driven welders now feature ArcReach technology (option/standard on some models). When used with ArcReach accessories, amperage and voltage control is conveniently at the operator’s fingertips, not back at the power source — reducing time wasted making trips back and forth. This results in more arc-on time, a safer jobsite and improvements to the bottom line.

ArcReach® Accessories

The ArcReach SuitCase® feeders have been re-engineered and have been extensively field-proven. RMD® and pulsed MIG enable advanced processes in the field for faster, more-efficient welds. Common weld failures can be eliminated and stick/TIG starts and stops are optimized for reliability.

ArcReach® Heaters, Heating Tools and Accessories

ArcReach Heating Systems put you back in control. This induction heating equipment uses alternating electromagnetic currents to generate heat in workpieces, so welders can do their own preheating and bake out quickly and safely.