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ArcReach® Technology

Exclusive ArcReach technology allows welding operators to have complete control to adjust weld settings from the ArcReach SuitCase wire feeder or ArcReach stick/TIG remote at the weld joint, saving trips to and from the power supply or engine drive.

Weld parameter changes are communicated to the power source using existing weld cables — there’s no need for control cords or specialized wireless remotes.  No extra control cords to purchase, maintain and string or unstring –saving time and money.

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arcreach V
arcreach V

Increased Productivity and Safety

Operators spend less time walking to and from the welding power supply from the ArcReach simplified cable management, delivering more arc-on time — and reducing their exposure to workplace hazards.

More Operator Control

Improved Weld Quality — Operators can precisely set weld parameters at the ArcReach wire
feeder or stick/TIG remote and then monitor the actual output on digital meters, eliminating guesswork
and improving adherence to weld procedures.

Improved Safety and Less Operator Fatigue by not needing to trace or move heavy secondary weld leads bundled with control cords on the jobsite. Complete remote control of welding processes and parameters improves safety by limiting jobsite movement and reducing slip, trip and fall hazards.

Eliminate costly control cord repairs and purchases because control cords are not used.

Fleet Compatibility

Fleet Compatibility 
Although the full benefits of ArcReach technology are realized only when an ArcReach power source/engine drive is connected to an ArcReach wire feeder or stick/TIG remote, both components are capable of working with conventional welding equipment — so owners can confidently begin investing in ArcReach technology at any pace, even if it’s one power source and one wire feeder at a time.

Additional ArcReach Benefits:

Auto-Process Select™ — When ArcReach communication is established between the wire feeder or stick/TIG remote and an ArcReach power source, the system automatically selects the appropriate process based on the polarity detected — reducing the operator’s need to access the power source directly.

Automatic Return to Panel Settings — When ArcReach communication is terminated, the system will automatically return to the previous power source panel settings.

Remote Override of Power Source Controls — Connecting an ArcReach wire feeder or stick/TIG remote to an ArcReach power source locks out any changes to the weld process, voltage or amperage at the power source, preventing accidental changes while ensuring complete operator control is at the feeder or remote.


Apex Steel Saves up to Two Hours Per Welder Per Day

Remote control welding technology from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. helps structural steel contractor Apex Steel save time while still meeting critical quality demands. Serving the booming Seattle region, Apex must complete jobs quickly — and meet stringent seismic code requirements — to stay competitive and keep projects moving. Utilizing wire welding processes and ArcReach® remote control technology from Miller, Apex has significantly improved productivity and operator safety on the jobsite. ArcReach gives operators complete control of welding parameters at the spot of the weld, which saves up to two hours per welder every day and reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls.

Apex Steel Improves Productivity and Jobsite Safety With ArcReach Technology

Apex Steel needs welding operators to be productive and efficient on the jobsite, so they can complete jobs quickly and move on to the next project. ArcReach® remote control technology from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. provides complete control of welding parameters at the spot of the weld, so Apex operators can be more productive and efficient in completing high-quality welds. ArcReach also improves jobsite safety, eliminating the need to travel back and forth to the power source — perhaps several hundred feet away — to make changes. In addition, pairing an ArcReach wire feeder with an ArcReach power source locks out any adjustments at the power source, preventing accidental changes.

ArcReach Welding Technology Offers Benefits for Safety, Productivity and Quality

Brian Hammers, engineering manager at Miller Electric Mfg. Co. discusses ArcReach® technology and its benefits for safety, productivity and quality. This remote control technology provides welding operators with the ability to set welding parameters at the joint, increasing safety by reducing trips to and from the power source, and increasing arc-on time for greater productivity. It also helps improve quality by eliminating the need to settle for less-than-optimal settings.