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Welding Polarity Switches Made Easy: Technology Saves Time on the Jobsite

Learn more about welding polarity and how technology can save time by making it quick and easy to switch polarity at the weld.
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How Can You Reduce Costs In Your Welding Operation?

Outdated equipment can drive up construction welding costs. Learn how new welding technology can save your operation money.
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How Can You Improve Productivity in Your Construction Operation?

Productivity is a key component in meeting construction deadlines. Learn how XMT® 650 ArcReach® Systems keep projects on track.
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How To Get Consistent Amperage and Heat Output for Faster Arc Gouging

Get tips to address the challenges of arc gouging and make the process as quick and efficient as possible on your structural jobsite.
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Do You Need More Welding Power in Your Construction Operation?

Does your welding equipment provide enough power to get jobs done? Learn how new technologies deliver the welding power you need.
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Weld Preheating on the Jobsite Made Easier

A new induction heating tool allows contractors to insource weld preheating and bake out on the jobsite to reduce costs and meet deadlines.
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Induction Heating Best Practices

Learn the best practices to follow when using induction heating equipment to ensure operator safety.

Get to Know Ironworkers

Listen and learn from two Miller employees that have a combined 40 plus years of experience in the field as ironworkers.

Take Structural Fabrication to the Next Level With Miller

See how you can get next-level productivity, cost savings and power with the new XMT® 650 ArcReach® systems.

Get Next-Level Power With XMT® 650 ArcReach® Systems

New XMT 650 ArcReach Systems include up to 815 amps of gouging power, so operators can remove more material per pass.

Get Next-Level Productivity With XMT® 650 ArcReach® Systems

Get complete control — even from hundreds of feet away. Calculate the next-level productivity gains your operation can achieve.

Get Next-Level Cost Savings With XMT® 650 ArcReach® Systems

XMT 650 ArcReach Systems provide one power source for welding and gouging. Calculate the cost savings your operation can achieve.

Introducing New XMT® 650 ArcReach® Systems From Miller

XMT 650 ArcReach Systems are rugged, durable and built to last, so you can take structural fabrication to the next level.

Indicator Lights on the ArcReach® Heater Extension Cable Box

Learn the meaning of ArcReach Heater Extension Cable Box indicator lights — and how to react when “fault” light illuminates.

Save and Extract Temperature Data With Your ArcReach® Heater

This short video shows you how to save and extract temperature data with your ArcReach® Heater.

Using an ArcReach® Heater for Hydrogen Bakeout

Use your ArcReach® Heater for manual or programmed hydrogen bakeout after the preheat cycle is completed.

Using Thermocouples With ArcReach Heaters

See how to properly place thermocouple (TC) sensors on the workpiece and connect them to the ArcReach Heater.

DOs and DON'Ts for Effective Heating Practices

Effectively use your ArcReach® Heater by following guidelines on induction tools, cables, thermocouples, insulation and more.