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XMT 350 FieldPro Overview

The days of cluttered cables and multiple walks to get the job done are over - ArcReach technology will revolutionize the way you set up and manage welding on jobsites.

Getting the Full Benefits of Miller ArcReach Technology

When weld operators spend less time walking and more time welding, that’s a big productivity benefit.

Apex Steel Improves Productivity and Jobsite Safety With ArcReach Technology

Apex Steel needs welding operators to be efficient on the jobsite, so they got Miller's ArcReach® for complete control of welding parameters.


XMT 350 FieldPro with ArcReach Technology

Game-Changing Welding Technologies Stop You From Wasting Hours Every Day

When welding operators must stop welding to walk to the power source to make adjustments this lost time adds up, totaling significant labor costs that could be better spent on value-added tasks. This productivity loss is especially painful for operations that already struggle to find skilled labor. These stops and starts can also impact weld quality and operator safety.
Apex Steel Welders Use Remote Control Technology

Apex Steel Saves up to Two Hours Per Welder Every Day With Remote Control Technology

Finding ways to save time in the welding operation while still meeting quality demands is critical to productivity, scheduling and the bottom line for Apex Steel. The structural steel contractor completes many projects in the strong Seattle-area market, where stringent D1.8 structural welding codes are the norm. To increase productivity, maintain consistent arc quality and improve safety, Apex uses Miller® XMT® 350 multiprocess welders with ArcReach technology on many jobsites.
Welding in shipbuilding operations

Shipyards Gain a Competitive Advantage with Point-of-Use Welding Control

Shipyards are being asked to provide lower costs and meet increasing quality requirements while also delivering vessels on tighter schedules. Technology is one solution to help them meet these customer demands. In the shipbuilding welding operation, point-of-use controls can save up to an hour or more every day — per welding operator. The resulting savings translate into a quick return on investment for shipbuilding operations that justifies the conversion to remote-control technology.