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XMT® 650 ARCREACH® 460/380V 50/60HZ with Polarity Reversing

XMT 650 ArcReach Systems is ideal for structural steel fabrication, general construction, and shipbuilding.


Auto Remote Sense™ (ARS)
Detects if a remote control is plugged into the 14-pin receptacle and eliminates confusion of a remote panel switch.
ArcReach® Technology
ArcReach technology uses existing weld cables to communicate process adjustment commands back to the engine-driven welder. With an ArcReach system, amperage & voltage are conveniently located at the operator's fingertips - not back at the power source.   Learn More
Easy to Use
The XMT 650 ArcReach with Polarity Reversing power source is streamlined and simplified to reduce setup time and potential weld defects. Process changeover eliminates the need for swapping cables. The robust design withstands harsh environments common in the field.
LED Process Indicator
Front panel process selections are illuminated with an LED that identifies the active process. This enables the selected weld process to be seen at a distance from the power source.
Gouging Mode
Optimized stick position for better gouging performance.
Two Wire Modes
GMAW / FCAW for simplified setup and optimized arc performance, Solid and flux-cored wires with gas -Flux-cored (self-shielded).
14-pin Receptacle
Flexibility to be used with spool guns, feeders, and remote controls.



Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
Stick (SMAW)
Submerged Arc (SAW)
Flux Cored (FCAW)

General Specifications

Title XMT® 650 ARCREACH® 460/380V 50/60HZ with Polarity Reversing
Industries Interests Shipbuilding
Heavy Equipment
Construction and Fabrication
Amperage 10 A - 815 A
Weldable Metals Aluminum
Specialty Metals
Stainless Steel
Input Voltage 460 V
Input Phase 3-Phase
Input Hz 60 Hz
Current Type DC
Max Open Circuit Voltage 87 VDC
Rated Output 650 A at 44 VDC, 100% duty cycle
Welding Mode CC/CV
Portability Handle(s)
Running Gear / Cart (Optional)
Weld Output 15 - 815 A, 10 - 65V
Applications Pressure Vessel
Warranty 3 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty