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EnPak® A60GBHW

For work truck fleet managers who want to take idle time off their trucks and insist on the most trusted and highest quality products, the new EnPak® A60 is the all-in-one solution that can be integrated into more of their fleet, delivering more capabilities for Class 5 and above truck configurations.


ENPAK A60GBHW Cold Weather Package


ENPAK A60GBH Cold Weather Package


ENPAK A60GBW Cold Weather Package


ENPAK A60GB Cold Weather Package

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What's Included

  • User interface panel - includes 30 ft. (9 m) of cabling
  • Battery charge/crank assist panel
  • Weld output panel
Air compressor
The EnPak A60 features a 60-cfm rotary-screw compressor that can power virtually any air tool, including most one-inch impact wrenches. The rotary-screw compressor reliably provides air on demand.
Generator power
The EnPak A60 provides a 7,000-watt generator that can handle most jobsite electrical needs — electrical tools, lights, and more. The optional auxiliary power panel provides two 120-volt GFCI-protected duplex receptacles and one 120/240-volt receptacle with 60 Hz current.
Battery charge/crank assist
The EnPak A60 produces up to 150 amps of DC current to quickly charge 12- and 24-volt batteries. It can provide jobsite equipment with weak batteries up to 300 amps of crank assist.
Hydraulic pump
The Casappa® variable-displacement pump supports reliable, precise crane operation (A60GBH and A60GBHW models only), delivering 16 gpm, open center.
Welder with multiprocess capabilities
The EnPak A60 provides multiprocess weld capabilities including carbon arc gouging (A60GBHW model only) with 325 amps of output (100 percent duty cycle) so technicians are prepared for each welding job they encounter in the field.
Chassis power
Integrated into the truck, chassis power monitors the battery and automatically charges it as needed. Technicians can turn off their truck without worrying about jobsite tools draining the battery — leaving them stranded.
Auto-Speed™ technology
Advanced Auto-Speed technology automatically varies engine speed from 1,800–2,800 rpm to match compressed air, battery charge and weld demands — reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and noise for a safer, more efficient jobsite.
Auto start/stop
Auto start/stop automatically turns the EnPak engine on and off based on demand, reducing fuel consumption and noise — which enhances safety and improves the work environment.
Turbocharged engine
The EnPak A60 utilizes a turbocharged diesel engine, delivering more power at lower speeds (2,800 rpm). It outperforms in every environment — even at high elevations — so operators have the power they need to work anywhere.
CAN bus connectivity
Allows the EnPak A60 to connect to a telematics system so you can monitor engine data, machine loads and usage. Track service intervals, schedule maintenance proactively and improve diagnostics of your EnPak power system.
Remote panels
The EnPak A60 has a new innovative LCD user interface panel that improves the user experience, provides full visibility to the system and empowers technicians to manage their power needs. The EnPak A60 also includes a battery charge/crank assist panel, weld output panel and an optional auxiliary power panel.



Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
Stick (SMAW)
Flux Cored (FCAW)

General Specifications

Title EnPak® A60GBHW
Rated Carbon Diameter 1/4 in (6.4 mm)
Engine Brand Kubota
Engine Idle Speed 1800 RPM
Engine Weld Speed 1800 RPM
2800 RPM
Fuel Type Diesel
Horsepower 24.8 hp
Rated Output CC / CV
Single Phase Auxiliary Continuous Power 7000 W
Sound Rating Idle, no load: 65.7dB @ 7 meters Idle, with air load: 67.0dB @ 7 meters Full RPM with 325A weld load: 69.1dB @ 7 meters
Compressor Brand Rotorcomp
Compressor Free Air Delivery 60 cfm (1.70 m3/min.)
Compressor Working Pressure 80 – 175 psig
Compressor Duty Cycle 100%
Compressor Automatic Shutdown High pressure (200 psi)
Applications Aluminum Welding
Hydraulic Pump Brand Casappa
Hydraulic Rated Output 8.0 gpm at 3,000 psi at 2,800 rpm, 50% duty cycle
Hydraulic Max Pressure 3,500 psi
Hydraulic Flow Rate 16 gpm (open center or with optional closed center conversion kit)
Battery Charge 12/24 V, 150 A
Crank Assist 12/24 V, 300 A
Chassis Power 12/24 V, 150 A
Net Width 21 in
Net Height 27 in
Net Length 46 in
Net Weight 740 lbs
Warranty 3 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty