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CabEn™ Cool

For work truck fleet managers who need to eliminate truck engine idle time, CabEn Cool is the only fully integrated cab cooling systems that provide all-day relief from the outside environment while the truck engine is turned off.


What's Included

  • eCoolPark™
  • Power converter
The compact size of CabEn Climate Pak integrates into the existing vehicle HVAC system and also allows for multiple installation locations.
Saves Fuel
CabEn Climate Pak helps increase fuel savings and reduce engine hours while maintaining operator comfort.
Anti-Idle Solution
CabEn Climate Pak can reduce idle time and CO2 emissions by 30 to 70 percent.
The quality and reliability you expect from three proven brands, Miller, Bergstrom and Eberspacher.

Not Included

  • eCoolPark™ Installation Kit
  • Vehicle chassis specific wire harness


General Specifications

Title CabEn™ Cool