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Noise Hazards: How Much Noise Is Too Much on the Jobsite?

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Jobsites can be noisy places, and you may think you just have to live with the noise. But a quieter jobsite is possible.

Illustration showing a hydraulic crane mounted on a work truck lifting an excavator bucket with copy about noisy jobsites

Illustration of work truck with copy that reads the EnPak A60 is significantly quieter than competitive machines

Side-by-side illustrations showing the EnPak A60 idles at 65.6 decibels and other machines idle at 76 decibels

Two illustrations showing a washing machine and highway traffic to demonstrate noise difference

Illustration reading 70dB is 10 times louder than 70dB, 80dB is 100 times louder than 60 dB

Enpak illustration with copy reading it’s no comparison: the reduced noise of the A60 provides a more comfortable jobsite

Jobsites can be especially noisy workplaces, making communication difficult and impacting productivity and safety. So how can fleets address jobsite noise? The EnPak A60 offers significantly lower noise levels than competitive machines — fully loaded, the EnPak A60 produces 69.1 dBs vs. a competitive machine that produces 82.1 dBs. That more-than 10 dBs difference equals a 10-times jump in loudness. Hear the difference for yourself with the new EnPak A60.