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7 Things You Didn’t Know Your EnPak® A60 Offers

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From welding to gouging and more — here are seven things your EnPak A60 can deliver on your service truck or weld truck.
Operator wire welds on a piece of heavy equipment on a jobsite

Welding, gouging and more

The need to weld thicker materials or gouge metal or old welds in the field can be a hurdle that wastes your time when you don’t have enough power or the right equipment to tackle the job.

The EnPak A60 all-in-one includes new technologies and robust welding capabilities that help you efficiently complete a variety of jobs. Here are seven things your EnPak A60 can deliver on your service truck or weld truck.

1. Tap to start

With Auto Start/Stop technology, the EnPak will shut off after a period of inactivity — such as when you finish a weld and need to chip off the slag. This helps save fuel and reduce jobsite noise, which enhances safety and improves the work environment.

But did you know this feature also lets you easily restart your EnPak with a strike of your stick welding rod? With the scratch start feature, you can restart the EnPak engine by striking the stick rod to start the arc, so you don’t have to walk back to the machine to turn it back on.

Operator stick welds on a piece of heavy equipment on a jobsite

2. More welding output 

Heavy equipment repair and other tough jobsite tasks require a heavy-duty welder. The integrated welder on the EnPak A60 is a workhorse built with Miller reliability. It delivers 325 amps of output at 100% duty cycle for stick, flux-cored and MIG welding. With those welding capabilities, you don’t need to worry about not having enough power for the jobs you encounter in the field.

Operator wire welds on a piece of heavy equipment on a jobsite

3. Carbon arc gouging

The EnPak provides robust gouging capabilities, which are especially important in heavy equipment repair. The multiprocess welder includes a dedicated gouge mode for carbon arc gouging. An integrated welder with gouge mode eliminates the need to have a separate machine on your truck for heavy welding and gouging.

Operator carbon arc gouges a piece of heavy equipment on a jobsite

4. Consistent hydraulic performance 

It’s a common misconception that crane performance is slower when the hydraulic system is powered by an all-in-one system. Power Priority technology in the EnPak A60 provides benefits when multiple functions are being used at once on your truck.

The system can automatically adjust where power is delivered based on system priorities. This means when other loads like the air compressor come on, it doesn’t negatively affect the hydraulic power — so you get optimized hydraulic crane performance.

Service technician assists as a hydraulic crane lifts a piece of machinery on a jobsite

5. Integrated battery charging

Are you running your truck engine all day to power your tools or tool batteries on the jobsite? Operating your truck constantly comes with the risk of draining your truck battery. Integrated Chassis Power technology monitors the truck battery and automatically charges it as needed. This lets you turn off your truck without worrying about jobsite tools draining the battery and leaving you stranded.

Service technician talks on his cell phone and looks at his laptop inside a service truck on a jobsite

6. Engine performance on any jobsite 

The EnPak A60 uses a turbocharged diesel engine that delivers more power at lower speeds (2,800 rpm) for better performance in all environments. Because the engine outperforms in every environment — even at high elevations — you have the power you need to work anywhere.

Service truck with an EnPak unit sits on a jobsite

7. Ability to monitor system performance

An LCD user interface and visual dashboard are easier to navigate and use. But did you know the panel also provides full visibility to monitor system performance and empowers you to manage your power needs? This reduces training time for new users and saves time in changing settings on the jobsite.

Closeup image of the EnPak user interface screen

An all-in-one to meet your needs 

The EnPak A60 delivers the power and reliability you need to tackle a wide variety of jobs in the field. Maximize the value of your EnPak and learn more about the capabilities and technologies