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EnPak® A60: Ready To Give You More With an All-in-One

The new EnPak A60 delivers more capabilities in one space-saving machine, so operators can get more done efficiently.

EnPak® A60 Testimonial: It Makes My Life Easier

Powerful Capabilities

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Integrated, high-output, multiprocess welder

Legendary Miller weld quality and reliability with up to 325 amps of output for line boring, structural repair, bucket repair, carbon arc gouging and more.
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Integrated, up-to-16-gpm hydraulic pump

Well-regulated hydraulic fluid flow for fast and precise crane operation.
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60-cfm rotary screw air compressor

Uninterrupted airflow easily powers impact wrenches and pneumatic pumps.
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Battery charge/crank assist

Up to 150 amps of DC power for 12/24V battery charging; up to 300 amps for crank assist.
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7,000-watt generator

Continuous 120/240V, 60Hz power for high-demand electrical tools.
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Turbocharged diesel engine

Delivers high torque at idle speed (1,800 rpm). By keeping the engine at a lower speed, you save fuel and reduce noise. The turbodiesel engine outperforms in all environments — even at high elevations — so operators have power to work anywhere.

Innovative LCD Control Panel

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Intuitive visual dashboard

Shows key performance indicators of all EnPak systems; allows operators to change settings and configurations easily and quickly.
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Power Priority

Operators can quickly access the settings menu to maximize available power, prioritizing the air compressor or hydraulic system based on what is needed for optimal tool performance.

Technology That Increases Efficiency

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Chassis Power

Monitors the truck battery and automatically charges it with up to 150 amps of power, so operators can run inverters and 12-volt tools. No need to stop working to start the truck and charge its battery or worry about draining the battery and being stranded.
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Auto-Speed™ technology

Automatically adjusts engine speed to match compressed air, battery charge and weld demands — reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and noise for a safer, more efficient jobsite.
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Auto Start/Stop

Automatically turns the EnPak engine on and off based on demand, reducing fuel consumption and noise.
Grey icon representing CAN bus technology

CAN bus connectivity

Ability to connect to a telematics system to monitor engine data, machine loads and usage; track service intervals; schedule maintenance proactively and improve diagnostics of your EnPak A60.

Improves Work Environments

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Remote panels

Remote panels and outputs for battery charge, auxiliary power and welding can be installed at the point of use on the truck, so there’s less need to climb onto it – reducing the risk of slip, trip or fall injuries.
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Reduce noise

Auto Start/Stop, Auto-Speed™ technology and the low-speed turbocharged diesel engine all reduce noise for a more comfortable work environment.

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