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EnPak® Solutions

Using a work truck’s PTO to run jobsite tools can lead to downtime — and when a truck is down for maintenance or repairs, it’s not bringing in revenue. It’s time to turn off your truck so you can reduce downtime, operating costs and fuel consumption, while giving your operators the capabilities they need to get jobs done. It’s time for an EnPak® solution.

Your Miller Work Truck Specialists and authorized truck upfitters are ready to help you find the best solution for your application.

CabEn™ Climate Solutions: Ready To Control Cab Climate Without Idling Your Truck

Miller® CabEn Climate Solutions are heating and cooling systems that are integrated in truck cabs to control temperatures without idling the truck engine. Paired with an EnPak all-in-one, they can save up to $11,000 every year on fuel, maintenance, repairs and downtime. Only CabEn Climate Solutions control cab temperatures without taking up space or requiring extensive cab modifications — and they can run all day without the limitations of battery power.

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EnPak® A60: Ready To Give You More With an All-in-One

Get more of the capabilities that your operators need for your Class 5 and above truck fleet with the new EnPak A60. It has 325 amps of integrated multiprocess welding output, a hydraulic pump with up to 16 gpm, a 60-cfm air compressor, a 7,000-watt generator and more — all in a lighter and more compact package. Its industry-leading technologies allow your operators to get work done more efficiently, reduce truck engine idle time across your fleet and maximize your return on investment.

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EnPak® A30: Ready To Take Idle Off Your Truck With an All-In-One

With industry-leading technologies, the EnPak A30 takes idle off your Class 3 to 5 trucks, reducing operating expenses and giving operators the power they need to get jobs done. It delivers 210 amps of integrated multiprocess welding output, 30 cfm of compressed air, battery charge/crank assist and 6,500 watts of generator power.

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