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EnPak® A30: Ready to Take Idle Off Your Truck With an All-in-One

With industry-leading technologies, the EnPak A30 takes idle off your Class 3 to 5 trucks, reducing operating expenses and giving operators the power they need to get jobs done. It delivers 210 amps of integrated multiprocess welding output, 30 cfm of compressed air, up to 100 amps of DC power for 12/24V battery charging, up to 300 amps for crank assist and 6,500 watts of generator power.

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EnPak® A30 Testimonial: Why it Helps Tremendously

One Solution Can Do It All

Installing an EnPak A30 means operators can shut their truck engines off, eliminating unnecessary idling while still allowing them to power their jobsite tools.

Compressed air

Delivering 30 cfm of air, virtually any air tool can be efficiently powered by the EnPak A30’s rotary-screw compressor. 

Battery charge/crank assist

The EnPak A30 provides up to 100 amps of DC power for 12/24V battery charging and up to 300 amps for crank assist.

Electric power

With its 6,500-watt generator, the EnPak A30 powers 120/240V AC needs.


The EnPak A30 can easily handle metal repairs with its 210-amp inverter-based welder that’s capable of stick, MIG and DC TIG welding.

Compact design

EnPak A30 delivers big capabilities in a small footprint. The gas unit is 47 inches long, 20 inches wide and 25 inches tall. The diesel unit is 47 inches long, 20 inches wide and 28 inches tall.

CAN bus connectivity

Allows the EnPak A30 to connect to a telematics system so you can monitor engine data, machine loads and usage. Track service intervals, schedule maintenance proactively and improve diagnostics of your EnPak power system.

Fuel flexibility

The EnPak A30 gives fleet managers the option to standardize fuel type or integrate into the chassis fuel tank — eliminating the need to fill two tanks.

Technologies to Increase Efficiency

Chassis Power

Integrated into the truck battery system, Chassis Power monitors the battery and automatically charges it as needed. Technicians can turn off their truck without worrying about draining the battery — leaving them stranded.

Auto-Speed™ technology

Advanced Auto-Speed technology automatically adjusts engine speed to match compressed air, battery charge and weld demands — reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and noise for a safer, more efficient jobsite.

Auto Start/Stop

Automatically turns the EnPak engine on and off based on demand, reducing fuel consumption and noise — which enhances safety and improves the work environment.

Lower Operating Expenses

Significant fuel savings

Highly efficient without sacrificing power, the EnPak A30’s engine uses far less fuel than the work truck’s engine, delivering savings on fuel costs that quickly add up.

Reduced maintenance costs

Turning off a work truck and turning on the EnPak A30 can reduce the truck’s engine idle time by up to 75 percent. With advanced Auto-Speed™  technology and Auto Start/Stop, the engine runs at the appropriate speed when needed to meet demands — saving fuel and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Work Smarter With EnPak

Maximizes available payload

Compared to a work truck with a PTO-driven air compressor and an engine-driven welder, the EnPak A30 cuts weight and increases available payload — so trucks can carry the equipment needed to get jobs done.

Legendary Miller reliability

Compared to other all-in-one work truck products, the design and engineering of the EnPak A30 is superior. It’s ruggedly built and rigorously tested to deliver the exceptional reliability and performance you expect from an industry leader.

Easier and safer to use

One main control panel with simple, straightforward controls and a weld/battery output panel is included with the EnPak A30. An optional auxiliary power panel is also available. These panels save time and reduce the risk of injury by eliminating the need to climb into the truck bed to make adjustments on the machine.

Clean, professional appearance

The EnPak A30’s interior components are concealed within a durable, precision-engineered enclosure, so work trucks present a professional image.

The EnPak A30 offers an improved experience for any of the work truck configurations below


Compared to a work truck with a PTO-driven air compressor and an engine-driven welder on board, an EnPak A30 can reduce weight and meet work crew needs for compressed air, electrical power and welding capabilities — all while the work truck’s engine is turned off, reducing fuel costs and truck maintenance.


A work truck with an engine-driven welder on board and an engine-driven air compressor in its payload area has less room for other important tools. An all-in-one EnPak A30 can increase available payload so work crews can bring everything they need to the jobsite.


If a work truck has an all-in-one machine with reliability issues, output limitations or it just doesn’t look professional, replacing it with an EnPak A30 can deliver reliability, performance and a premium appearance.


If a work truck only carries an air compressor, work crews may not have all the capabilities they need. The EnPak A30 supplies compressed air, generates AC/DC power and has multiprocess capabilities.

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