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Millermatic® 252 Owner Resources

Welcome to Your Ultimate Millermatic® 252 Guide

Your Millermatic 252 has the highest output in its class, so you can weld material up to 1/2-inch thick in a single pass. We created this page to help you get even more from your welder! Here's where you can find setup videos, tips and techniques, project ideas, accessories and much more.

Setup Videos

Quick Tips for Setting MIG Welding Parameters

Learn how to set parameters when MIG welding so you get the best-looking welds possible, every time.

Miller Millermatic Flux Cored MIG Welding

How the process works for both self-shielded and gas-shielded wires, and where to set polarity.

Miller Millermatic MIG Welding Troubleshooting

How to prevent and fix: birdnesting of the wire; burnback of the contact tip; poor gas coverage; exceeding the machine duty cycle; and thermal overload of the machine.