Spoolmatic® 15A Wire Feeder | MillerWelds

Spoolmatic® 15 ft.

Portable, aluminum wire feeder for industrial applications.


Easy to Use
Wire feed speed adjustment on the gun handle and reversible drive rolls save time and money. Quick-change, single-turn contact tip provides excellent performance and is easy to replace.
Integrated Spool Canister
Rotates 180 degrees for operator flexibility and comfort.
Two-Stage Trigger
Built-in gas valve allows for gas preflow, and eliminates the need to purge long gas lines.
Multiple Cable Lengths
15- or 30-foot cable lengths provide flexibility to be used in the shop and in the field.




General Specifications

Title Spoolmatic® 15 ft.
Industries Interests Construction and Fabrication
Amperage Rated Output 200 A at 1005 duty cycle
Torch Handle Type Pistol Grip
Torches Type Spool Gun
Wire Size .030-1/16
Applications Aluminum Welding
Net Width 2.5 in
Net Height 10.25 in
Net Length 15.125 in
Net Weight 2.9 lbs
Warranty 1 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty