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Inefficient Gear Slows You Down. Find Your Next Guns and Consumables Solution.

Difficult-to-use MIG guns and consumables make it harder to do your best work. What’s the new solution? Reliable MIG guns that are comfortable to use, easy to service and efficient — equipped with a consumables system that optimizes the wire-feed path for reduced troubleshooting and downtime. MDX™ Series MIG Guns with AccuLock™ Consumables: They're what's next.

Miller® MDX™-100 MIG Guns with AccuLock™ MDX™ Consumables

Custom painted Miller machine
Whether you weld at home or in the shop, any project is easier with a comfortable MIG gun that's simple to set up and maintain. That's what you get with an MDX-100 MIG Gun and AccuLock MDX Consumables. Coarse threads on the contact tips speed replacement; liner trimming is error-proof — no measuring required! Once you start welding, you'll appreciate the comfortable gun handle that allows a freer range of motion, reducing fatigue.



Miller® MDX™-250 MIG Guns with AccuLock™ Consumables

Custom painted Miller machine
If you weld using advanced processes, you're familiar with CV and pulse waveforms — and the high conductivity they require. Miller MDX-250 MIG Gun cables have the extra copper that advanced processes need, plus they're built for comfort and reliability. Equip those guns with timesaving AccuLock Consumables, and you've got a total solution.