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MDX™-100 MIG Welding Gun, 10ft, .030-.035 wire, AccuLock™ MDX consumables

100A rated output. Next-level advancements include a comfortable new handle with rubber overmolding and rear swivel, optimized wire feed path for reliable performance, and simplified maintenance.


Durable, Comfortable Handle
Durable handle features rubber overmolding for improved grip and comfort. Ball-and-socket rear swivel provides a freer range of motion to reduce welder fatigue.
Superior Wire Feeding
Wire delivery is optimized because the front-loading AccuLock liner is locked and concentrically aligned with the contact tip and power pin. Reduces downtime and troubleshooting.
Error-Proof Liner Trimming
No measuring required! Simplifies maintenance and prevents downtime and issues caused by improperly trimmed liners.
Long-Life Consumables
Tapered mating surfaces between the AccuLock contact tip and diffuser locks the tip in place for maximized electrical conductivity and lower heat.



Aluminum Welding

General Specifications

Title MDX™-100 MIG Welding Gun, 10ft, .030-.035 wire, AccuLock™ MDX consumables
Amperage Rated Output 100
Cable Length 10 ft
Wire Size .030 - .035
Warranty 0.25 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty