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Inefficient Gear Slows You Down. Find Your Next Guns and Consumables Solution.

Difficult-to-use MIG guns and consumables make it harder to do your best work. What’s the new solution? Reliable MIG guns that are comfortable to use, easy to service and efficient — equipped with a consumables system that optimizes the wire-feed path for reduced troubleshooting and downtime. MDX™ Series MIG Guns with AccuLock™ Consumables: They're what's next.

Miller® MDX™-100 MIG Guns with AccuLock™ MDX™ Consumables

Custom painted Miller machine
Whether you weld at home or in the shop, any project is easier with a comfortable MIG gun that's simple to set up and maintain. That's what you get with an MDX-100 MIG Gun and AccuLock MDX Consumables. Coarse threads on the contact tips speed replacement; liner trimming is error-proof — no measuring required! Once you start welding, you'll appreciate the comfortable gun handle that allows a freer range of motion, reducing fatigue.



Miller® MDX™-250 MIG Guns with AccuLock™ Consumables

Custom painted Miller machine
If you weld using advanced processes, you're familiar with CV and pulse waveforms — and the high conductivity they require. Miller MDX-250 MIG Gun cables have the extra copper that advanced processes need, plus they're built for comfort and reliability. Equip those guns with timesaving AccuLock Consumables, and you've got a total solution.



Miller® MDX™-250 EZ-Select™ MIG Guns with AccuLock™ Consumables

Custom painted Miller machine
When productivity matters, every second counts. Avoid wasting time walking back and forth to the welding power source with the Miller MDX-250 EZ-Select MIG Gun. It has all the benefits of the MDX-250 MIG Gun, plus it lets you select from up to four weld programs just by tapping the trigger. To help avoid errors, LED lights on the handle let you know which program is selected. And like all MDX Series guns, it uses AccuLock Consumables to save even more time.  




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