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Problematic Consumables Slow You Down. Find Your Next Solution.

Difficult, inaccurate liner trimming. Multiple wire-feeding problems. Complex inventories of consumables that can’t handle heavy use. All these problems can be solved with AccuLock™ Consumables: They’re what’s next in easy liner trimming, flawless wire feeding, reliable performance and a simplified consumables inventory.

AccuLock™ MDX™ Consumables

Compatible with Miller® MDX™ MIG Guns, AccuLock MDX Consumables are what’s next in complete MIG welding solutions. Working together, the contact tip, nozzle, diffuser, liner and power pin cap deliver great welds, easier maintenance and durable performance.

Fewer wire-feeding problems
– AccuLock consumables lock and concentrically align the liner with the power pin and contact tip for a gap-free wire-feed path and error-proof liner replacement — no measuring required. Enjoy fewer instances of burnback, bird-nesting and erratic arc as a result.

Easier to install – Designed for simple, fast, accurate installation — every time.

AccuLock™ MDX™ Nozzles

AccuLock S Consumables

Compatible with both Miller MDX-250 MIG Guns and Bernard® BTB MIG Guns, AccuLock S Consumables are the ideal choice for heavier applications and industrial environments, letting you load and lock more productivity. Get all the benefits of MDX Consumables, plus longer life too.

Increased durability
– AccuLock S Consumables include multiple design advantages to maximize longevity, which reduces total cost of ownership.

Easier inventory management – If your operation uses a mixture of Miller and Bernard MIG Guns, one simple-to-manage line of consumables is all you need.

AccuLock S Consumables on MDX-250 MIG Guns should be paired with AccuLock MDX liners and power pin caps.

AccuLock™ Conversion Consumables for M-Series MIG Guns

Have a mix of old MIGmatic™ M-Series MIG Guns and new MDX™ MIG Guns? Upgrade your M-Series MIG Guns with AccuLock Conversion Diffusers! All your MIG guns can then use the same AccuLock Nozzles and Contact Tips for a simplified consumables inventory that’s easier and less expensive to manage — and reduces the chance for installation errors.