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Miller Brings "The Power of Blue" to FABTECH 2023

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Try out the newest technologies live and discover products to help elevate your operations.
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APPLETON, Wis. (Aug. 15, 2023) —  Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding products, will showcase its latest welding and safety equipment for the manufacturing, fabrication and construction industries at FABTECH 2023, Sept. 11-14 in Chicago.

“FABTECH is one of our favorite places to display the cutting-edge welding solutions that will help manufacturers and fabricators improve weld quality and productivity,” says Dave Lambert, group president, ITW Welding. “We are excited to connect with those who use our equipment every day and share new ways to make their work easier.”

Attendees can stop by booths B23027 and B20027 to take part in demos and see the newest welding products and technologies. This year we’re featuring Miller welding, automation and safety products; Hobart® filler metals; Bernard® semi-automatic MIG guns; and Tregaskiss® robotic MIG guns.


New products at FABTECH 2023 include:


  • Dynasty® 300 TIG welder with QuietPulse™: The reimagined Dynasty TIG welder provides more control with enhanced capabilities for unrivaled precision arc performance. New this year, QuietPulse technology creates a slower, more fluid transition between the background and peak amperage with minimal audible noise. An intuitive, color LCD display shows how parameter adjustments will affect the weld, so refinements can be made before striking an arc. Favorite weld settings can be saved with programmable memory.
  • Deltaweld® with Insight Centerpoint™: The Deltaweld system users know and love is now available with Insight Centerpoint. Experience unmatched control and optimization with intuitive guidance that suggests welding parameters based on specific applications and materials. In-depth weld analysis helps users establish a productivity baseline and improvement benchmarks. Insight Centerpoint integrates seamlessly with existing Miller Deltaweld products without hassle or complicated setup.
  • XMT® 650 with ArcReach® SystemsThe XMT 650 systems are designed to maximize productivity and cost savings while delivering the power needed in structural fabrication, steel erection and shipbuilding. Two configurations are available, the remote polarity-reversing (PR) power source and non-polarity-reversing power source models — both compatible with the ArcReach 16 wire feeder. The XMT 650 ArcReach with Polarity Reversing model lets operators switch polarity at the feeder, so they can quickly change between welding and gouging without having to walk back to the power source and make process changes at the feeder without a control cable. These systems are durable and built to last, ready to take your operation to the next level. 
  • Bobcat 265 and Bobcat 230: The industry’s most popular engine-driven welders have been redesigned with two models that help save fuel, improve productivity and reduce noise. At over 100 pounds lighter and 13% smaller than previous models, they’re easier to move while taking up less space on trucks. Full auxiliary power ensures no arc interference, all the power you need for jobsite tools and superior weld quality.
  • The Bobcat 265 features an LCD interface with Auto-Set™ technology for faster, easier and more accurate setup for operators of all skill levels. Equipped with Remote Start/Stop, operators can easily turn the engine on and off without walking back to the machine, saving time and fuel.
  • The new Bobcat 230 delivers the dependable performance users expect, now with even higher arc quality for 7018 and 6010 stick electrodes. Unparalleled arc performance creates less spatter, increasing quality and productivity. The new single-knob design makes it easy to precisely set and view amperage and voltage for accurate weld parameters.
  • Copilot™ Cobot: The simplest, most intuitive welding robot is your partner to improve productivity and quality — without complexity. Welders of any skill level can confidently be up and running in hours with an intuitive interface and AccuGuide™ Precision Joystick that makes setting perfect welds a breeze. Quickly and easily improve quality and increase throughput for high-mix, low-volume parts production to keep up with demand. See Copilot’s newest features for the first time at FABTECH 2023!
  • Filtair® 215: Capture 95% or more of weld fumes with a system designed specifically to capture them at the source. It maximizes flow capacity for multiple operators using portable extraction attachments such as nozzles and fume guns. A self-cleaning filter releases a strong reverse pulse of air to remove collected fume off the outside of the filter, requiring less maintenance and promoting a longer filter life.
  • Digital Infinity™ Series Helmets – New Graphics: Featuring iconic designs and ClearLight™ 2.0 Lens Technology, these helmets deliver high-definition optics for a clearer and brighter view — before, during and after every weld.

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