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The easiest, most intuitive welding cobot

You, Amplified

Advancing your skills doesn't have to be complicated. Miller has made welding automation easier than ever with the all-new Miller Copilot Cobot. No complex software to slow you down, no barriers to training new operators and no reason not to evolve your workforce.

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Ease of Use

Easy to learn and operate, Copilot Cobot removes complexity so that welders of all skill levels can be up and running within hours.

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Precision Joystick

Our Copilot Cobots AccuGuide™ provides fingertip control for pinpoint torch positioning and perfect weld setting. Easy to learn. Easy to use.

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IntelliSet™ Weld Settings Assistant*

The most simple, intuitive interface and software empowers welders of any skill level to confidently produce repeatable, high-quality welds within minutes.

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High-Mix, Low-Volume

Quickly and easily improve quality and increase throughput for high-mix, low-volume parts production to keep up with demand.

The Copilot Collaborative Welding System’s welder-centric design responds the way a welder would want it to — without complex software or clunky controls to slow you down. Every welder can quickly and easily advance the way they work to strengthen your operation.

Miller Collaborative Welding System

Copilot™ Cobot AccuGuide™ Precision Joystick

In addition to the typical cobot free drive movement, while programming, AccuGuide simplifies precise positioning and adjustment to produce the most accurate welds.

Copilot™ Cobot IntelliSet™ Weld Settings Assistant*

Simply input the material thickness and the wire diameter. IntelliSet, Miller’s intuitive software, configures the weld settings together with the selections from the Auto-Continuum power source. You’ll experience the fastest, most productive weld programming platform, streamlining weld setting assignments for easy learning and quick changeovers.

Large Work Table

  • Robust 48" x 48" work table with 42" x 30" hole pattern.
  • Up to 1,500-pound payload capacity
  • Tooling hole pattern compatible with most modular fixturing

Air and Water Cooled Models

  • Durable and reliable for everyday welding challenges
  • Advanced capabilities like Accu-Pulse®, Versa-Pulse™ and RMD® processes to grow with your needs
  • Air-cooled version comes with Auto-Continuum 350 (907656) and Tregaskiss CA3 torch.
  • Water-cooled version comes with Auto-Continuum 500 (907657) and Tregaskiss CA3 torch with ICE® technology. 

*IntelliSet™ Weld Settings Assistant available for download in March 2023.

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It’s very simple. There’s not a lot of bells and whistles that make it more confusing. It’s straightforward and you’re literally welding in minutes. 

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— Andy Horst, 
Manufacturing Engineer at Franklin Fueling Systems