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Handcrafted Design Featuring Dave’s Most Iconic Builds

’22 Custom Kindig-it Design Helmet

Do you Dig-it? We do! Add an iconic piece to your helmet collection with the Digital Infinity™ ’22 Custom Kindig-it Design helmet designed by American Hot Rod Designer, Dave Kindig.

Digital Infinity Kindig-it Welding Helmet

Kindig-it Digital Infinity™ Series Welding Helmet

Dave Kindig’s handcrafted design featuring his most iconic builds. Maximize visibility with ClearLight™ 2.0 Lens Technology.


’22 Custom Kindig-it Design Welding Helmet


Dave Kindig

President, Kindig-it Design, Inc.

The love for building cars started as early as Dave could remember with building Hot Wheels, Legos and model cars, and his passion has continued to grow throughout his career as a custom car maker. In 2002, Dave started his custom car fabrication business, Kindig-it Design, Inc., and has customized new and old cars debuting on the hit TV Series, Bitchin’ Rides.
Dave Kindig
Dave Kindig TIG welding wearing his ’22 Custom Kindig-it Design Helmet
Dave Kindig with his ’22 Custom Kindig-it Design Helmet

In 2022, Dave was honored to help develop a new helmet design for the Digital Infinity Series by Miller. Inspired by some of his favorite and most iconic car builds, Dave used his hand-drawn car renderings to create a truly remarkable and iconic helmet design that would make a special addition to any helmet collection.

“Welding is an art form. I jumped at the chance to design a piece of art for Miller with this one-of-a-kind helmet featuring some of our most iconic builds.”

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