SAR with T94i-R™ Helmet and 25 ft Straight Air Hose

SAR with T94i-R™ Helmet and 25 ft Straight Air Hose

Belt-mounted airline respiratory systems paired with T94i-R™ Series welding helmets.

SAR with T94i-R™ Helmet and 25 ft Straight Air Hose

SAR with T94i-R™ Helmet and 25 ft Coiled Air Hose

SAR with T94i-R™ Helmet and 100 ft Straight Air Hose

SAR with T94i-R™ Helmet and 100 ft Coiled Air Hose

SAR with T94i-R™ Helmet


What's Included

  • T94i-R Helmet Assembly
  • C50 Air Regulator
  • Belt Assembly
  • Flowmeter
  • Breathing Tube with Flame-Resistant Cover
  • Tool bag
  • 25 ft. Straight Air Hose
Lightweight Versatile C50 Air Control Device
Provides Grade D breathing air as cool as 50 degrees Fahrenheit (28°C) under the helmet, heightening productivity and relieving heat stress. Can also be positioned horizontally or vertically to naturally align with body movement.
ClearLight™ Lens Technology
optimizes contrast and clarity in welding and light states, while providing a brighter light state to increase helmet-on time for non-welding tasks, enhancing visibility and reducing eye strain.   Learn More
Dualtec™ Manifold System
Patent-pending Dualtec manifold design with 6-point airflow distribution system maximizes perceived cooling through targeted air placement. This system targets the body’s natural thermal regulation system to minimize operator heat stress. Its six-point airflow distribution system targets “hot” areas within the face for immediate cooling relief, without causing eye and/or nose irritation.
Flame-Resistant Washable Head Seal with Ultra-Soft Outer Cuff
Enhances wear without causing skin irritation. Unique design can provide additional protection by covering the ears, or ease communication if placed in front of the ears. Cape offers necessary head protection in out-of-position applications.
Customized Airflow
Adjustable interior vents allow for customized flow depending on user preference.
Well Balanced Design
Reduces neck torque, minimizing operator fatigue and strain leading to an increase in comfort as well as long-term health benefits.
Ergonomic Headgear
Provides a secure fit, while avoiding major pressure points on the head, maximizing all-day wear. Customizable fit with seamless tilt, distance and tightness adjustments.
Shade 5.0 Side Windows and Oversized Clear Grind Shield
The industry's largest grind shield provides 44 square inches of clear viewing area for grinding and other tasks, increasing helmet on time, decreasing the potential for eye injuries. Together maximizing downward and peripheral visibility, improving sense of surroundings.
Half-Shade Lens Adjustability
Provides fine shade adjustment for optimized comfort and vision.
Four Lens Operating Modes
Weld, cut, grind and X-Mode™ provides versatility for various welding, cutting and grinding applications. X-Mode™ senses the arc’s electromagnetic field rather than arc rays to darken the lens — ideal for outdoor low-amp TIG and obstructed-view applications. Half-shade settings for precise lens adjustment. Infotrack™ 2.0 allows for monitoring of arc time and arc count. Simplistic digital lens interface allows for easy adjustment with or without gloves.
System Designed for Extended Wear
Integrated shoulder straps provide a secure fit and equally distribute weight, alleviating lower back strain.
Engineered for Rugged Environments
Design enhancements protect AD lens from dust and moisture; Aluminum heat shield reflects heat to keep lens and user cool.
Air Hose
Available in straight and coiled options with 360° swivel air hose connection to alleviate coiling. Industrial Interchange and Schrader fitting.
BreatheAir™ Box or Panel System Accessory
Uses a 3 stage filtration process to provide Grade D breathing air to SAR users while monitoring for CO during use (See accessories below, not included.)   Learn More

Not Included


General Specifications

Title SAR with T94i-R™ Helmet and 25 ft Straight Air Hose
Warranty 1 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty